Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Crazy Days

It has been CRAZY around here for the past week or two! Lots of goings-on with family, church, Natalie, school, work, piano, and other completely random things that normally don't complicate our life as much. We are holding on tight and hoping to get through the next little while with some sanity! (I say "we" but I really am just referring to myself, since Austin never gets stressed or overwhelmed.) Natalie is usually immune to the stresses of life as well, but sometimes she does get a little concerned (see the third picture above.)

My Senior Piano Recital is this Saturday, and I can say that I'm (mostly) prepared and (mostly) looking forward to it, although it would be a lie if I didn't say that I will be completely relieved and unburdened when it is over with. I have to admit that I'm tired of practicing, I'm tired of running off to Westbrook Music Building when I'd rather spend time with my family, I'm tired of dress rehearsals and memory slips and holy cow I haven't even bought a dress yet. I love the piano and always will, but I'm looking forward to getting back to playing for enjoyment and not requirements. (But I do still enjoy playing, for the record. The music for my recital is fabulous, and it is a joy to play well, so hopefully I do!)

she pulled her quilt down from the railing...I guess she was cold?
 Luckily, Natalie has been sleeping MUCH MUCH MUCH (can I say that twelve more times?) better! At 7 months she is pretty consistently sleeping through the night, with maybe one re-bink in there. She doesn't nurse in the middle of the night anymore, and it's easier to put her to sleep. Austin is still the sleep-whisperer, by the way. He can get her to sleep way faster than I can, most of the time.

Natalie has also mastered the art of the sippy cup! Although she is still averse to formula. I give her a mix of a little apple juice, mostly water, and increasingly larger measurements of formula to try to trick her into getting used to it. She LOVES apple juice though; if I let her, she could probably drink it continually all day. Unfortunately, she only gets a little bit of diluted juice every day.

She still completely loves eating, especially Mommy/Daddy food. If she sees us put a spoon to our mouths, she assumes it is for her and can't wait to try whatever we are eating. She's developed this cute habit of holding on to her toes when she's having her food, which has the added bonus of keeping her hands away from the oh-so-exciting spoon full of mush.

This is Natalie's new favorite facial expression, most often accompanied with a "rawr rawr rawr" sound by moving her jaw up and down. Her cheeks look even more adorable when she makes this face, and I wish we had a recording of her talking because it is hilarious. She makes us laugh every day : )

We had a fun family night where we played partner hide-and-seek with all of the Lincoln Poulsens at Wal Mart. Natalie cannot get enough of the Bjorn, especially front-facing, so she had a great time. She is a bit of a giveaway, however, when you are trying to hide quietly : )

hat break

the clue we sent to the seekers
(can you guess where we were hiding?)

After shopping one day (as you can see, waffles were on sale) Natalie and I were headed home and I kept hearing this rustling from the back seat. I turned around at a stoplight and found Natalie trying to grab the Target bag haha. Something about her tiny hand, huge carseat, and big plastic bag just made me grin.

Of course, this week we've also had tons of Daddy playtime, our FAV! I love watching them interact : )

It is indescribably wonderful to have such a fabulous husband and father to our daughter. It melts my heart watching them play and cuddle. Austin loves her so much, and it is so sweet to get to see them together.

Still not crawling yet, but Natalie loves to reach and have her toys spread all around her. Her version of going forward is to sort of twist onto the side of one of her arms. Maybe some time she'll realize this isn't too effective : )

 My house is a mess. Plates, books, toys, trash, dirty spoons, old food containers, blankets, clean clothes, dirty clothes...you name it, it's on our floor. With all that has been going on lately, we can't seem to gain control over the mess. I try to tidy every day, but right now it is definitely a losing battle. I just need a day where I don't have homework, practicing, errands, appointments, schedules, or no energy so that I can catch up on housework. Anyone want to come over and help? : ) Actually, I enjoy cleaning my home (GASP!) I feel the spirit so much more easily when I feel like my environment is clean and safe and happy, rather than cluttered and blown-up, as it is now. It is satisfying to see a room go from disaster to beautiful. We'll see when that happens!

I'm off to shower while my baby is still napping (hallelujah for long morning naps - I feel so refreshed after I have some time to calmly eat breakfast, read my scriptures, blog instead of cleaning, and maybe even read once in a while!). Tonight I am playing for Les Mis auditions at the local playhouse which should be fun, and practicing, of course. FIVE DAYS MORE!


  1. I thought 'stins hand was her belly... and I loved it. Then I looked closer and I was sad.

  2. you'll have lots' more time to clean after this weekend! in the mean time, just stick to the basics (dishes and laundry) and you'll be fine :-). good luck!!!
    btw: i think i like looking at pictures of your baby ALMOST as much as my own! she's darling!

  3. she really is so dang cute! i like the picture of her trying to get her binki haha :)