Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nights, Days, and Aliens

This is Natalie and Austin at four in the morning. Natalie decided she didn't want to sleep at my parents' house and we couldn't let her cry because there were 7 other people sleeping all over the place, so we were up with her from 3-5:30 AM. Not ideal. But she did just fine once she was in her own crib again.

Natalie loves playing with paper. I usually let her crinkle and drool to her heart's content until the paper starts to fall apart from being so soggy. Then she throws a tantrum and I give her an "is that necessary?" look. She realizes it's not necessary and we move on with our lives. She also thinks it's fun to stay in jammies all morning and play in our bed - she's practicing her paper skills with a stuffed animal audience above.

Of course, we've had lots of play time with Daddy, which often turns into putting articles of clothing on her head. Natalie felt like a ninja.

Natalie loves chewing on her feet!

I spent Friday in Papillion with my family going to a bookstore, the mall, lunch, and watching movies. Max won the Bjorn war, getting to tote Natalie around the mall.

Annie thought it would be fun to take candid pictures, which I just found on my phone haha. 

And, after cleaning out the laundry room, we found the alien head and took turns trying it on. Normal Plumb behavior.

Peanut was like "ya done yet? Sigh."

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