Monday, March 11, 2013


I'M DONE!!!!

Can you believe it!?

I, Jessie Elizabeth Plumb Poulsen, have completed my Senior Piano Recital, the last main hurdle before I GRADUATE! I don't think it has really set in yet. I could fail everything else I am doing for the rest of this semester, and still get my degree. I'm not going to fail, of course, but it feels HUGE that I've gotten to this point. Natalie Jane is seven months old and while I'm sure it is difficult being in any program while you have children, I have to wave my little flag here and suggest that a music major is perhaps even more challenging to manage with a baby. It was so hard to leave late at night to go get my practicing in, find someone to watch Natalie for my lessons and run-throughs, and try to memorize 40 minutes of music with so many other distracting thoughts always on my mind. I couldn't go home after school and be done for the day; practicing was never finished. is completely awesome that I am done. DONE! With the hard core practicing part, at least. This marks the culmination of SEVENTEEN AND A HALF YEARS of playing and practicing the piano. I don't usually brag about myself, but this is a pretty big deal.

I felt good about how most of my program went...there are always going to be memory slips and passages that you wish you had done better, but the fact that I presented a worthy recital in the first place with everything going on in my life made those little mistakes seem even less consequential.

This is my WONDERFUL teacher, Dr. Paul Barnes, who is the reason I came to UNL and the reason I was able to accomplish this recital. He's been my mentor for four years and I have learned SO much from him in every single lesson. He is the coolest, funkiest professor I know and I am so grateful for the time I've had to learn with him.

It was fun to see all of my families and friends there supporting me too - I know it isn't the easiest to listen to classical music for an extended period of time, especially if you aren't really musical yourself, so I really appreciate everyone who came. Grammy Bee was even in town!

(If you can't tell, Austin, Natalie and I wore coordinating outfits)

(Also, I don't have pictures with the Poulsens, but they were definitely there and I loved seeing them and knowing they were listening! Plus they brought delicious brownies.)

I definitely wouldn't have been able to get this far if it weren't for my amazing husband. He is my rock and support system and biggest fan. He made sure I had enough practice time, even if it meant giving up hang out time. He listened to my run-throughs and always made me feel good about how a piece went, even if I knew it wasn't solid. He is the best best best and I love him so much. (And Natalie too!)

We'll see what's up next! I already have a darling little student who I love teaching, and I'll keep building my studio and continue accompanying as well. Rest assured though, practicing for a big recital probably won't be involved anymore : )


  1. hot mama! your outfit looks so great! wish i could have come, but congrats darling!!!!

  2. congratulations!! SUCH a great feeling, i'm sure!

  3. Congratulations!! Awesome job! Also side note I know Paul Barnes he plays tennis where I work, small town:)

  4. Congrats, Jessie! That must feel soooo good.

  5. Jessie,

    Wish I could have heard it, but I have no doubt it was absolutely wonderful! Your talent is amazing and yet I know you've had to work hard too. Congratulations on earning your degree. Your little family is darling. . . enjoy!