Thursday, March 28, 2013

Three Reasons

Reasons why Sick Babies are the Most Sad

-their eyes are extra weepy and red-tinged so every time they look at you it makes you feel pitiful
-they can't breathe through their nose so they have a hard time eating or having a bink
-they're so snotty and boogery, but hate the saline rinse/blue snot bulb of death
-they get so tired that all they can do is cry because they can't be pacified with a bink and then they fall asleep in a precious slump on your shoulder
-they can't have cough drops or NyQuil

This was the first time Natalie has ever been sick, and it was, as stated above, the most sad. But, she's already much less sniffly and had a much better time sleeping today, thank goodness. She got so mad at the snot sucker that when she saw me bring it closer she would try to hold her breath so it would hide the fact that her nose was clogged. Smart girl, but, alas, in the bulb went anyway. She stayed in jammies and got extra lovies and cozies all day.

 the bottom middle picture is one of my all-time favorites, haha!

Clearly, she's feeling much better : )

Reasons (this week) My Husband is Awesome

-he's starting Farrell's Extreme BodyShaping, an intense 6-day/week 10-week program and he's been ATTACKING it already. he is following the nutrition plan diligently and loves going to the workouts.
-he makes Natalie laugh and be silly and happy
-he loves bath time with Natalie

ceremonial last supper pre-farrell's

Reasons to be Over-Joyed


Oh my gosh. I squealed when this came in the mail. I CAN'T WAIT. AH!

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