Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Babe

Mostly pictures this time, we seem to take a lot of them over here : )
(side note: we don't have any "professional" photos of Natalie Jane, or the three of us as a family...maybe someday?)

 First, another documentation of the formidable Fruit Rage.

I think all parents experience the "haha-she's-crying-but-it's-so-cute/funny-I-can't-help-from-laughing." Natalie doesn't like being mad, so it's funny when something bugs her because she alternates from laughing/smiles to pouts/whimpers.

hi mom, just making sure you're still there
one of her favorite toys:
Gerber food containers

this bee toy rolls around, but Natalie gets frustrated and
holds it still with her feet

reppin the jayhawks

mom! this is so great!

playing with max

fascinated with the doggy


sleepies : )
We came to Papillion to see Sam in Grease (and my mom in the pit band) - good family time and a fun show! Everyone did very well - it's always fun to support them and my old high school.

Natalie was not sure about
"Kenicke" - too much gel/leather

four generations!

The latest Plumb, Jill creation for Natalie. She loves her new hat!

this picture is old but she looks so cute!

She's taking after me...already gravitating toward piano books : )

 Last week I went Mall Walking for the first time. It was intense - I felt like I was truly in the real mom club (or the old lady club?) Natalie loved it - she can't get enough of the stroller...most of the time she's soaking everything up and full of smiles and giggles, then she gets more tired and just sort of settles in. She's great : ) It was fun to go with a friend, too, so I didn't feel like a complete dork.

Stay tuned for our spring break adventures!

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