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Stepping Out

It's finally not dismal outside! (By the end of April, I'd certainly hope's been ridiculous weather.) We decided to finally introduce Natalie to playtime outside, something she hasn't really been familiar with since she's always shrouded against the biting wind or unseasonable snow. She hated grass at first, but is warming up to it little by little. I also don't think she really has a concept of what wind is; it seemed like she was kind of confused every time a warm gust blew against her face. I'm already dreading the hot, sticky weather I know is sure to come, so I'm taking advantage of this current mild, lovely temperature to play outside with Natalie before we hole up in our beautiful air-conditioned abode for the duration.

It's great walking weather too, so we went to the lake and Natalie enjoyed watching people walk, run, and bike past, especially if they had dogs. My skin had the glorious tingle of having soaked up sun afterwards...a…

Paint Yourself Silly

This was our date night a weekend or two ago and it was SO fun! I highly recommend it...not too expensive (two ceramic items, paint, sitting/glazing fee for both of us total was $29) and something out of the ordinary. We went with a couple from our ward and it was way fun.

I did the letter "N" for Natalie, (duh), and Austin did a huge mug that he literally holds in reverence...he makes any and every excuse to drink out of the "Vader Mug," claiming it makes everything taste better. One time he had poured himself some milk in a regular cup and then realized that he had the Vader Mug, so he poured the milk into the more desirable vessel and wasted a perfectly good cup (says the girl who hates dishes.) I think that he would sleep with it under his pillow if it wasn't breakable (never mind that it's uncomfortable too.)
 Before and after...I think he feels the "force" coming from the mug...

Anyway, if you live in Lincoln and are looking for a fun, diff…

College Collage

As the year draws to a close and I finish my final semester, I wanted to look back on the four years that I spent as a student at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. This post is mostly for me and my friends and family to remember (only some, how can you write down everything!?) fun times and experiences, so feel free to skim or skip if you feel out of the loop...I promise we'll get back to normal day-to-day blog soon : )

FRESHman 09-10
Roommate: Casey
Residence: Harper Hall 709
themes: trying new things, college noobs, gen eds, late nights, dining halls, master classes

+crying after Mom left when the realization that I was more adult than child hit
+eating Ben and Jerry's and taking dumb online quizzes with Case when we were depressed
+tidy-up Thursdays
+winning $100 Wal-Mart giftcard at residance hall Bingo with the gang
+ROTC - only one semester, but I was the number two cadet (and in the best shape of my life)
+working out with Susan
+Case using soap instead of lotion acc…