Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Birthday Bowling

BUT FIRST, (some of many) reasons why I hate the dishes:
1. They never end.
2. Your hands get wrinkly and smell like old rag.
3. The dishwasher gets too full to add anything else but you still have six pots and pans from dinner.
4. You think you're done, but then you walk out to the living room and find four crusty bowls, two caked forks, and a cup with unknown (but definitely sketchy) liquid.
5. The dishwasher is loud.
6. The dishes pile up so much that when you finally start the dishwasher, you can't eat until it's done because the cupboards are empty.
7. They don't go away if you leave them overnight. (How many times have I woken up and prayed to find a magically clean kitchen? I have faith, but you'd need to be Moses to make that happen.)
8. Even though I try to ignore them, I can't truly focus on anything with them glaring at me from the kitchen. (As evidenced by the fact that I couldn't bring myself to blog until the dish situation was situated. Sigh.)


thumbs-up for Gpa Moo!
 My dad turned FIFTY yesterday! Happy birthday, Dad! We surprised him with a trip to Sempeck's Extreme Entertainment Bowling Alley (how's that for a name?) for two hours of cosmic bowling, pizza, cake, presents, and laughs. It was great! Out of three games, Austin earned top honors, with Jack coming in a close second. Everyone else did well...except for Annie and I. Basically we were the embarrassment of the family...the little kid in the next lane using bumpers and the bowling ball slide had a higher score than us. At least Annie is the youngest, she sort of has an excuse, but I feel like I should have pulled it together for a better score. (We're talkin lower than 50, people.) Luckily, bowling is one of the only games I don't mind losing, so it was just sort of fun to be lame.

love the velcro

presents...Dad killin it in his party hat
candles! (check out Natalie's smile)
the food

someone couldn't wait...
 Everyone took turns passing Natalie around, and even though she was up way past her bedtime she LOVED the whole deal - flashing lights, bowling balls, music, etc. She had a lot to keep her occupied.

a big thanks to my AWESOME mom for putting this together!
Natalie had to have a turn to bowl - she loved the sound of the bowling ball hitting the lane and then of the pins smacking together (or, in my case, standing untouched...ahem). She's already better at bowling than me!

she looks so small

It's pretty rare to get all 5 kids + husband + baby + parents to the same event, so this was extra special. What a fun night - may the next 50 be just as great, Dad!

...Dad still rockin the party hat
 Also, a shout-out to my mother-in-law who had a birthday on Saturday...happy birthday to you too!!

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  1. I COMPLETELY IDENTIFY WITH THE DISHES. literally, a never ending plague. i hate hate hate hate hate hate dishes! and i liked your description of your bowling :)