Thursday, April 25, 2013

College Collage

As the year draws to a close and I finish my final semester, I wanted to look back on the four years that I spent as a student at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. This post is mostly for me and my friends and family to remember (only some, how can you write down everything!?) fun times and experiences, so feel free to skim or skip if you feel out of the loop...I promise we'll get back to normal day-to-day blog soon : )

FRESHman 09-10
Roommate: Casey
Residence: Harper Hall 709
themes: trying new things, college noobs, gen eds, late nights, dining halls, master classes

+crying after Mom left when the realization that I was more adult than child hit
+eating Ben and Jerry's and taking dumb online quizzes with Case when we were depressed
+tidy-up Thursdays
+winning $100 Wal-Mart giftcard at residance hall Bingo with the gang
+ROTC - only one semester, but I was the number two cadet (and in the best shape of my life)
+working out with Susan
+Case using soap instead of lotion accidentally
+freshman studio/cookies before studio
+Howl Ye
+spontaneous spring break trip to SLC...Mormon shots, Mormon deer, Baby, Gbee, Red Mango, Gossip Girl

getting stuck when I-80 was closed after a weekend - doing hw at the gas station
twins 19th bday

first day of school!

the only evidence of our (brief) stint at United by Yarn, the knitting club
very typical midnight wally world run
(that sweatshirt, the Yellow Wonder, is also definitely part of our college experience)

SLC spring break
Cadet Plumb! (modeling how to prepare to properly tuck the shirt in)
...very standard. this is what casey woke up to often, poor thing.


sophoMORE 10-11
Roommates: B Pura, C Susan, and DD Roomie (Lura, Susannah, and Hannah)
Residence: Bobby K 419
themes: friends, P and P, Wal-Mart, busy

+elevator/hall desk chair olympics (before we got it banned)
+Husker games! plus Lamar's before
+CONs and CTASs and MSPs
+'cho Wednesdays
+getting evicted (*twice)
+Trolli eggs
+cockroach named Ramona
+ballet 101
+midnight fountain adventure
+laughing about Tico's
+Boston trip
+princess cup
+going toastal
+roommate interrogations

the first meeting of all four of the Beek members

first day of school (the faces are because we got no sleep the night before)

BOSTON! visitin Ananda at Harvard

dressing up as quidditch balls for HP7pt1

"...what's the gray 'low?"

trying to unplug the toilet (before we stole the community floor plunger)

I LOVE THESE GIRLS (hiding in the laundry room)
...I think I may have to do a separate blog just for all of the adventures that happened in BK419. Girls?
Junior 11-12
Roommate: Austin
Residence: 5600 Roose Street #21
themes: husband, passing classes, accompanying, piano ped, Tico's

+being married!
+junior recital
+tips from Tic's
+NATS mini trip to Kansas - scary Domino's and cheap Chinese and yummy Carlos O
+Utah for Tgiving and Christmas
+cayenne ranch Sunday quesadillas
+Wicked in Des Moines


moving the piano to our third floor apartment (kind of a nightmare haha)

our first Christmas tree!

birthday boy

Sam starring as Phantom
junior recital with Dr. Barnes
it's a GIRL! preg
 seniorITIS 12-13
Roommates: Austin and Natalie Jane
Residence: 2620 South 70th #94
theme: AM I DONE YET

+being a mom!
+everything about Natalie
+senior recital (being done)
+passing convo, thank goodness
+Austin's new job
+our new ward with fun friends
+McDonald's Monopoly

going home for the first time

with Grammy Bee in November
...I still feel bad about this

eight months!

my valentines : )

senior recital

UNL is a great school and college was way fun, but after I got married and especially after I had Natalie, school just seemed like a chore rather than the adventure it was for the first two years. I wanted to spend time with my family instead of running off to class. However, I know that finishing school was the right decision, and now that it's really over and I never have to go back, I'm thrilled! It's exciting to have a degree...I feel very blessed for everything and everyone that made it possible. It feels like I've spent half of my life in Westbrook Music Building, so it's weird that if I go back it's voluntary and not to practice for juries or turn in my theory homework. Looking at pictures of the first two years made me SO nostalgic and I really missed having crazy midnight adventures and being skinny and walking all around campus and seeing friends all day every day, but I will always cherish those memories; besides, what is more adventurous than raising a family?! I love my husband and am grateful for our marriage every day, even if it meant leaving those other more free times behind.

Here's to the rest of my LIFE, without school! I can't believe it!

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