Sunday, April 7, 2013

Conference Weekend

Normally when General Conference (a semi-annual worldwide broadcast from the Prophet, apostles, and other major leaders of our church that lasts two days) comes around, we spend one day watching with each of our families. This year, we decided to just enjoy a cozy viewing at home so Natalie could take good naps and we didn't have to worry about being distracting. We did continue the cranberry french toast tradition at Austin's parent's house, however, but made it home before the first session started. (I should have gotten a picture!)

We also participated in our (new) Conference tradition of stopping at the local soda pop and candy store, Rocket Fizz, to pick out some treats. They have the biggest selection of soda in the world! (Not makin this up). Austin chose Peanut Butter and Jelly pop...yikes...and I stayed with the safer but still unusual Black Cherry Cream Soda.

we also ate pizza, cheez-its, and coke.
we felt like crap lol.
Austin's soda, to no surprise, was D-sgusting. He hates to waste, especially when we've paid for it, but even he couldn't manage to finish the nasty pop. So, as we do with other foods we don't want anymore, we dumped it outside for the squirrels.

We gave Natalie a Kazoozle, a sort of licorice candy, and she went to TOWN on it! Unfortunately, when it was time to take it away we had a full-fledged fuh-reak out. She wailed and threw herself back in despair for a while. I held her and waited for her to be done, saying, "This is completely unnecessary, Natalie. Let me know when you're ready to be nice."

taking it very seriously
after a blue Warhead
Natalie was jealous of our soda, but even though we are willing to let her try some things, I don't think she's quite ready for carbonation. She did, however, love playing with the bottle, and we kept one of them so she could continue to enjoy.

The actual Conference itself was, as always, completely wonderful. It's so nice to refresh our Gospel perspective and be reminded of the things we can be working on to better ourselves and our families. I love that the church is set up just like in the scriptures, with a prophet at the head who speaks with God to give direction to the world and twelve apostles who support and sustain him, and also witness of the reality of Jesus Christ. My testimony has grown and I already feel like a better mother and wife. It was fun to watch it with Natalie too, contrary to what we thought would be a very distracting and less spiritual experience. She's FINALLY feeling completely better and we LOVE having our happy baby back. We were not cut out to deal with difficult children (knock on wood).


Although we have a Hapalie again, we still can't get her to nap for very long. It's always unpredictable - sometimes she will wake up after only thirty minutes, sometimes we won't hear a peep for two hours. I wish we could have a more stable schedule, but with school I've just had to let it go. If anyone has any nap advice, I will gladly take it!

peeking after nap time

This is one of our latest favorite Natalie-isms: she fixates on a shred of carpet or tiny screw in a toy or a button on my shirt, and uses one finger to scratch at it for a long time. For some reason it just looks so funny and makes us laugh every time. We tried to capture it in pictures, but the full effect is only gained by seeing it in person.

with all the toys she has around her,
she goes for the little, unimportant hole
we love our baby girl : )

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