Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Fools!

Happy April!

This sweet girl is definitely feeling better but still a little over-sensitive from her days of being sick. She must be teething because randomly she will burst into inexplicable tears, or exhibit some separation anxiety when normally she's completely fine. Still no white beauties popping through, but hopefully she can wiggle them out soon!

Naturally, we've been doing a lot of playing:

Her new favorite toy is a bowl; any of the colorful plastic variety will do. (For some reason, people loved giving mixing bowls to us for our wedding so we have multiple sets of various sizes and colors. Natalie is in heaven.) She loves putting it over her head and yelling into it. 

This is Austin's new favorite toy: a keyboard for his iPad mini, Harold. You can't really see it here, but it is quite nifty. We adults can have toys too, right?

We celebrated Easter by dye-ing (is there supposed to be a hyphen there or is it one word?) eggs, and one chunk of pineapple as an experiment. A couple of important things we learned from our first egg-dyeing (or dye-ing) experience as a family:
1. You don't have to use vinegar...who knew!? We used lemon juice and it a) smelled WAYYY triple better and b) worked just as well.
2. When making hard-boiled eggs, it is important to keep the shell intact. This is obviously kind of a duh but I cracked two eggs in the hot water before I got it right.
3. Pineapple dyes well but looks gross as a result.
4. They don't include a white crayon in the Paas dyeing kit anymore. WHAT!?

cracked eggs...eww

the measuring spoons are holding the floater down (one of
the ruined cracked eggs wouldn't stay down)

part one! pretty nasty

part two: the two cracked eggers.
I know I know, they all look completely dismal. We were going for tradition here, not results. We'll try harder next year, I think. In lieu of my ruined eggs, I was reminded of one childhood easter egg experience:

I don't remember who did it or what happened exactly, but somehow one of the freshly dyed eggs
we made as a family was dropped or something so that the shell cracked and the insides were compromised. It went into the trashcan while all the other pretty eggs went up on the mantle. Someone, probably the child who originally dyed the egg and was mad about not getting their fair share of mantle space, took the bad egg out of the trash can and onto the display without the rest of the family knowing. Easter morning we were eating breakfast and admiring our eggs (and by admiring I mean fighting over whose was the best...typical) when we noticed a rotton egg smell. Then, someone pointed out the old egg we all thought had been thrown away, and we declared it our Easter Miracle and named the egg Lazarus, after the man Jesus raised from the tomb. We still laugh about Lazarus the egg every year. (And this is how my family applies Bible teachings, folks.)

Our own Poulsen Easter tradition is driving to the Beatrice Branch Sacrament Meeting on Easter morning. After Austin got home from his mission (and the day after we went on our first date) he was supposed to be giving a talk in the Beatrice Branch (a small mini-congregation in a small Nebraska town). He didn't want to go alone and I wanted to see him again after our first date, so with our combined hinting and suggesting he ended up inviting me to go and I, naturally, jumped at the opportunity for a second "date." He picked me up (in his mom's car) and we drove the 45 minutes there, he gave his talk, and then we drove the 45 minutes home. That night we decided we were getting married, and the rest is history : )

SO, last year for Easter we went back to the dear Beatrice Branch, pregnant, and this year we returned again with our 8-month old baby. We decided that if we ever leave Lincoln or aren't in town for Easter, we will find a small branch about an hour away from wherever we are to attend to keep the tradition alive.

Easter morning was actually a lot chillier than it looks in these pictures, but Natalie was a trooper and let us get these gems. We had some time to kill before the meeting so we drove around Beatrice for a little bit:

we thought this sign was silly

Lam pretending to be Natalie

a lovely park (too bad it was cold)

 Also, April Fool's was yesterday and Austin was in silly heaven. He loves everything about AF's, but was satisfied by word pranks alone and didn't do anything other than try to tell jokes this year. I, however, hate AF's, but I love my husband, so to show him my support I decided to pull a real prank and surprise him. I put 100 plastic balls (just like the McDonald's ball pit balls) under the fitted sheet on our bed, and then made the bed to cover it up. At bedtime he pulled back the covers, didn't notice anything, and proceeded to lay down on the bed of bumps. Muahahahahaha!

the view he would have had
after pulling back the covers

what it looked like under the
fitted sheet
The best part about the prank was it was too late for him to retaliate, so I have an entire year of immunity before I have to be on my guard. Jessie: 1, Austin: 0.

Plus, Natalie LOVES the balls. She has been playing with them all day.

And, to conclude this lengthy post, some pictures of Natalie looking out the window:

 (no, she can't walk or stand alone yet...I'm right next to her waiting for the inevitable fall.)

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  1. i laughed out loud at all those balls! hahaha, i think april fool's is such a funny day, i'm so glad you two participated. we missed you cute people at church though! better luck next year on egg dye-ing :)