Monday, April 29, 2013

Paint Yourself Silly

This was our date night a weekend or two ago and it was SO fun! I highly recommend it...not too expensive (two ceramic items, paint, sitting/glazing fee for both of us total was $29) and something out of the ordinary. We went with a couple from our ward and it was way fun.

I did the letter "N" for Natalie, (duh), and Austin did a huge mug that he literally holds in reverence...he makes any and every excuse to drink out of the "Vader Mug," claiming it makes everything taste better. One time he had poured himself some milk in a regular cup and then realized that he had the Vader Mug, so he poured the milk into the more desirable vessel and wasted a perfectly good cup (says the girl who hates dishes.) I think that he would sleep with it under his pillow if it wasn't breakable (never mind that it's uncomfortable too.)
the paint is much more dull
before it gets glazed
it's supposed to hang on her wall, but
she prefers to use it as a toy for now ha
 Before and after...I think he feels the "force" coming from the mug...

Anyway, if you live in Lincoln and are looking for a fun, different date, we HIGHLY suggest this place! And we'll be happy to go with you : )

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