Monday, April 29, 2013

Stepping Out

It's finally not dismal outside! (By the end of April, I'd certainly hope's been ridiculous weather.) We decided to finally introduce Natalie to playtime outside, something she hasn't really been familiar with since she's always shrouded against the biting wind or unseasonable snow. She hated grass at first, but is warming up to it little by little. I also don't think she really has a concept of what wind is; it seemed like she was kind of confused every time a warm gust blew against her face. I'm already dreading the hot, sticky weather I know is sure to come, so I'm taking advantage of this current mild, lovely temperature to play outside with Natalie before we hole up in our beautiful air-conditioned abode for the duration.

mom's-eye view
grass isn't so bad...
jk, I don't like this
*frantic flail*
safe in the confines of mom's lap...let's check out this "grass" thing one more time
the cheeks!
outside selfie!
It's great walking weather too, so we went to the lake and Natalie enjoyed watching people walk, run, and bike past, especially if they had dogs. My skin had the glorious tingle of having soaked up sun afterwards...ahhhh, tan!

happy family

Natalie focused on her hydration
(and the sound of the crinkling bottle)
We had an old armchair (the kind that old people use to launch yourself forward and out) and it sort of just fell apart one day, so we tossed it and that spurred a little furniture rearranging. We moved the changing table out of Natalie's room (we don't use it as a changing table yet, but it has convenient dresser drawers) and into the corner where the launch chair was, which cleared up that bedroom, prompting a reevaluation of what was really necessary in there anyway. We got rid of the ugly brown chair that we never used and moved around a few other things (babies have so much stuff!) and now her room looks way better and more cozy. (Natalie is asleep currently otherwise I'd take a picture...maybe later.)

in repose...a last homage to the chair

 Of course we've been doing all sorts of playing lately. Natalie loves her blocks, board books, and especially laundry. Set her down next to a laundry basket full of clothes and she will be content for half an hour.

look at all these clothes, mom!

her version of heaven: surrounded by clothes

One of our favorite things about Natalie is how she always wakes up happy. It's even more cute now that she can sit up by herself, so we'll go in after nap time and she'll just be sitting with her kitty, a huge ear-to-ear cheek-pinching grin on her face.

She's the BEST!

waiting for me after school

so precious - reminds me of when she was
We haven't used the infant carrier carseat for months, but we drove Eddy (the Xterra, our other car) today and didn't want to take out the upright seat so we just used this more portable one. She looked HUGE in it compared to what we remembered! I had to take a picture of her sleeping away in there because her hands around Kitty are so precious and it took me back to her newborn days.

Side note about Eddy:

For some reason, he is a MAGNET for cops who have a registration complex...every year since I moved out (so four years) I've been pulled over because the registration isn't current. The first year I didn't even know what registration was (that's my dad's category), the second year I think my dad just forgot to do it, last year he registered the car but I didn't get to Papillion to pick up the new sticker...this year I thought we were safe because my dad did it early and gave the paperwork and sticker to us ahead of time. However, since we haven't driven Eddy since Austin's seizure (which was before Eddy needed his new registration) we forgot to put the new registration materials in and on the car, so when we drove it today for the first time in months (we needed a bigger car to move something) we didn't realize it wasn't current. Lo and behold, a motorcycle cop came out of nowhere and flashed his lights behind us.

I'm a fast driver - I'm guaranteed to be going five over the speed limit, so when I see a cop I'm immediately nervous that they are out for me. Conveniently, this was probably the one time in my life where I WASN'T speeding, so I knew immediately that those flashing lights meant that we had rekindled the registration tradition. Classic. Also, I always leave my wallet in Cecy, our main car, and I forgot to take it with us when we drove the other car so I didn't even have my license. I was afraid that we hadn't put a fresh proof of insurance slip in the glovebox either, but thankfully we at least had that. It was just a warning, but getting pulled over is always an experience!

Lastly, I just wanted to share our color-coded 9-person travel plan for Memorial Day weekend - Plumb organization and planning at its finest : ) (notice the removable people tabs to allow for switching around seats, and the smaller blue post-it for the airplane on the ride home...classic)

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