Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thoughts on an April Afternoon

Three dumb things I've done recently:

#1: My sister-in-law accidentally locked my keys in the trunk and I didn't want her to feel bad so I went into problem-solving mode and made this grand plan to go through the backseat into the trunk, using a tennis racket to reach the keys and pull them to safety. Smart, right? WRONG - if I had access to the backseat, that meant that the car was unlocked and I could have just pressed the trunk release. Duh. I didn't even think of this obvious solution until I was telling Austin (quite proudly) of how I saved the day and he was like " the car was unlocked?"

#2: I thought I'd take advantage of Natalie's nap to paint my nails in peace and quiet, but I needed to cut them first so I tossed the two bottles of polish (coral and top-coat) onto the couch so I could go cut my nails into the trash can. My back was already turned when the bottles hit the couch...and each other, breaking the clear polish bottle into pieces. Polish started seeping into the cushion (luckily not very much, and very luckily it was clear) and I spent the next couple minutes trying to use a wet wipe to gather all of the miniscule shards. Oops. (When it was finally cleaned up and I started painting my nails - minus top-coat - Natalie started crying right as I finished the first coat on one hand, so now I have a coral left hand and a plain right. Sigh.)

#3: Forgot to get my cap and gown for graduation. Beep.

In other news, we are just LOVING the stage Natalie is in. It's been so fun to see her go from newborn to little human, if that makes sense...she makes noise with us, smiles all the time, giggles to herself, loves eating and drinking, has fun playing with her toys on the floor, and is just a JOY to be around. She always wakes up from naps with a huge smile waiting for us to come fetch her from the crib, and she gets such a kick out of other small children.

She still loves using her first finger to explore new textures and objects, especially vents (as you can see) and carpet.

You can't really tell in these pictures, especially the blurry one, but she was going to TOWN on these paper bags, ha! They are her new favorite "toys" to have while in the swing. It's funny that baby toys are so plentiful at stores because clearly a paper bag is just as entertaining as that $15 singing frog. Other favorite non-toys are whisks, spatulas, chip clips (basically anything from the kitchen), tupperware containers, kleenex boxes, Wii remotes, and anything else we'll let her have. 

this is how she falls asleep, with Kitty right by her face : )

just thought I'd mention that it's SNOWING in mid-April...blegh
 I finally found a backseat mirror at Target the other day and it is the BESTTTTT. I have to remind myself that I'm driving and I can't stare at my baby the whole time, but it is so fun being able to look in the rearview mirror and see back to what Natalie is doing in the carseat. I love watching her drift away to sleep, look out the window, play with her toys, hug Kitty, and just be full of general Natalie cuteness.

trying to catch the elusive bink
 One more week of classes and I'm FREEEEEEEEEEE to do this all day, every day! BRING IT ON! : )


  1. It's so fun hearing about your day-to-day life. I especially love the honesty! But I'm mostly commenting because I'm wondering if you still need a cap/gowfor graduation? If ya'll are still rocking in black you can totally borrow mine! Just a thought..

  2. gow•for /gau-fohr/ n. A new english noun created for convenience combining "gown" and "for"


    autocorrect did something silly. you pick.