Sunday, May 5, 2013

An Heir

probably the only time posting a picture of a pee-pee is appropriate


Hooray! We've known for a couple weeks, and we are so excited! I was nervous that if we had a second girl so close to our first they would constantly be competing and comparing, so I'm glad we won't have to deal with that hurdle (yet). Plus, it's fair game from here on out; we'll already have one of each so the pressure is off! Austin and I decided our first son's name on our second date over two years ago, so it was a relief to already have one picked out this time. (I don't have to remind you of our multiple naming dilemmas with Natalie...glad we don't have to worry about another girl's name for at least a little while longer.)

Drumroll pleeeeaassseee....

Stockton ___*__ Poulsen will be here on or before (I hope) October 2nd, exactly one year and two months after Natalie's due date. I'm 18 weeks along...almost halfway!

*a note about the middle name: We have decided that, book nerds such as we are, our children's middle names will be literary references. Natalie Jane is for Jane Austen, and we already know Stockton's but aren't telling!

Natalie has fun at my appts

I'm not sure how Natalie will feel about having a sibling, but when I was in the kitchen after going to the doctor I heard this crinkling coming from the living room. I went over to check it out and Natalie had found the diaper bag, dug out the ultrasound as if on purpose, and was trying to rip it and eat it and destroy it. Doesn't exactly bode well for them getting along in the future...

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  1. Yay!! And they will be best buddies. I agree with you on the "no pressure" thing now--one of each right up front is so nice. Awww, so happy! Are you going to call him little Stocky when he gets chubby? :)