Friday, May 17, 2013

Books, a Bike, and Natalie Cutes

"Hustlin is the Key to Success" was emblazoned on the back of a gentleman's shirt walking outside my apartment just now...I think I'll lock the door, just to make sure.

Anyway, Happy Friday! Here at the Poulsen pad we are spending this lovely morning relaxing: Natalie went down for her nap a full hour early, so I am catching up and enjoying a mug of hot chocolate. (Yes, it's finally warm outside, but nice and cool inside...besides, ho-cho is so cozy : ) ) I've been reading up a storm - this week I finished The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, another of Austin's fantasy epics that I, sort of grudgingly, admit to having loved; The Hunchback of Neiman Marcus by Sonya Sones (written in non-obnoxious refreshing verse from the view of a 50-year-old woman whose daughter is going to college and whose mom is going crazy in a hospital...I HIGHLY recommend it- funny and real), and Ape House by Sara Gruen, author of Water for Elephants. Ape House was compelling and written well, but it had too much language so I would be uncomfortable recommending it unless you borrowed my copy where I've crossed out all the bad words.

*you can thank the newfound marathon naps of Natalie Jane for all of this GLORIOUS reading time*

Speaking of naps, you know how when you wake up from the deepest sleep and feel knocked out and just have to lay there and recover for a minute? This is how I found Natalie the other morning, totally shell-shocked and in I-can't-move-my-body mode after a really good nap haha. It cracked me up because normally she's smiley and giggly and standing up with Kitty waiting for me to come in...I must not have waited as long as I usually do after she wakes up.
she got it together quickly though
Grandpa Bim (from AZ) and Grandma (from CA) were in town this weekend for Sam's high school graduation, so we made sure to get some grandparent time.

I promise he really is happy to be in this picture, he's just not a smiler
In other news, we got Austin a bike! His name is Petey Piranha (that's a hard word to spell, and also comes up with really creepy images when you google it) and he has been very trusty in getting Austin to and from work.
reminds me of a first day of school pic
What else? I guess this is just sort of a catch-up post; we are leaving on vacation this Wednesday, so I want to make sure to blog all the material I have before then so that when we get back I'll be able to go straight into all the details of our wonderful Utah-Yellowstone trip. The only downside is that Austin and the other guys have to get back for work, so they'll be going home Tuesday. My mom, sister, Natalie and I are staying for the next week though, so we'll have plenty of Utah time. Austin will probably finish a book a day and watch the entire collection of Psych episodes by the time we get back!

We went to visit Kat and Kaydince (Kitty), our great friends, but the girls didn't really seem interested in eachother. Normally Natalie goes crazy over other babies, but I think she thought Kaydince was just a doll since she was smaller and didn't realize she, too, was alive. Kat and I were friends in high's crazy that we are both moms now!

Natalie helped me practice the other day - I got out some old rep that I used to play early in college or high school, and I'm going to relearn three pieces to keep my piano chops alive and well. It was so satisfying to sit at a piano and practice for FUN! It didn't last very long because a certain adorable infant wanted to be involved, but I'm grateful for this talent that I've cultivated and practiced for so many years and that it will bring me joy for the rest of my life! Also, Petunia (the piano) is quite horribly out of tune sooo...if someone wants to front the cost for a piano tuner, I'd be eternally grateful! And bake you delicious things. But really.

 Reasons the above picture is great: 1. Girammies 2. Fluffy curlies fresh from the bath. 3. She's in a box, and loves it.
playing with her new "baby"

wreaking havoc on Annie's stack of homework
Cute things our 9.5 month-old is doing:
*CRAWLING! it is SO cute to see her little body figure out how to work in semi-coordination and get where she wants to go. I could watch her move around all day. It is so fun when she crawls all over us!

*still just adores Kitty - I think she could probably fall asleep without the stuffed cat, but she is very attached. I love peeking in and seeing her snuggling with her, arms wrapped around the perfectly sized Kitty. Not so cute: the fact that the animal is now practically brown instead of its original white. Time for a wash!

*using the full bath tub - we've retired the infant tub (at least for a few months!) and yesterday we let her try the real deal. Because we knew she'd want to crawl all around and explore, we didn't fill it very high, so it got cold really fast and she was actually shivering! We've never seen that before, and then we died as her lip started to tremble from the was the cutest! We got her out and wrapped her up all warm, but almost didn't want to so we could keep watching that adorable lip!

*for some reason, she is fascinated with my stack of piano books. She loves pulling them off in a pile around her and opening and closing the front covers. I like to claim that this is her way of preparing for the years of piano lessons she will have as soon as she's old enough.

*clapping! This relatively new skill has us clapping along every time we see those cute pudgy hands coming together to make a sort of sloppy applause. We love it! Natalie particularly enjoys clapping when we are feeding her - who wouldn't want to celebrate for bananas? - but it makes it a little difficult to navigate the spoon to her mouth.

*speaking of bananas, if she gets too big a piece in her mouth, she smushes it all up in the front of her mouth so she looks like a monkey pursing her lips and cheeks forward, ha! It makes us laugh every time.

I'm sure I will think of seven more things as soon as I finish, but the point is Natalie Jane is the CUTEST and she makes us laugh and grin and want to give her hugs and kisses all day!

I mean, look at her : )

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