Monday, May 6, 2013

Daddy's Little Sidekick

Hearken back with me to last summer when we were getting ready for Natalie to arrive and Austin couldn't wait to dress her in all of the clothes that make reference to "Daddy" (Daddy's Sweetheart, My Heart Belongs To Daddy, Dads are the Best, etc...). Also remember with me for a moment how excruciating it was waiting for our baby to get here; so painful, in fact, that we had to dress up a roll of paper towels in baby attire to appease our impatience. (see this blog)

Well, we're not in the same hurry this time, but we had too much fun last time to pass up the opportunity for a little Roll Play, eh eh?

all ready for church!

cozy, and playing with appropriate boy toys (like dinos)

Natalie either ignores Stockton...

...or cringes when she sees him
he loves getting a little play time in before bed
Haha, these are classic. Very Austin/Jessie.

Other goings-on:

climbing on everything

pretty and playful!
She had her 9-month appointment today and impressed everyone, as usual! 18 lbs, 12 oz, total rock star when she got a shot, right on track with everything : ) I can't believe she's getting so close to turning one! She is just such a happy, glowing, silly, loving baby girl.

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