Sunday, May 5, 2013


I say that in quotes because I didn't really have was CANCELED! Can you believe that?! Weather will be weather, but for crying out loud, have a backup plan UNL! It was 36 degrees and rainy and they straight up decided not to have a commencement ceremony. So much for living my dream of the past MY WHOLE LIFE. I mean, how can you cancel graduation?

Luckily, once I finished all of my official coursework on Monday I felt completely accomplished and satisfied, and I didn't even feel like I needed graduation...being done was enough. I wasn't devastated about not walking for graduation, but I still think it's completely ridiculous that there was no indoor venue in case the weather was inappropriate. Imagine how many dreams were crushed this weekend! Bah!

But for real guys, I'M DONE WITH COLLEGE! I HAVE A DEGREE! Jessie Poulsen, Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance. Quite the nice ring to it : )
...and actually I don't have my official diploma because I have to go pick it up tomorrow. Minor detail.

My family came up and took us to Macaroni Grill, a Plumb gathering tradition. (Austin hates Mac Grill though.) Lunch was fun, and then we took pictures inside because it was so gloomy outside. We laughed at a typical Dad moment - he was carrying Natalie around the restaurant and stopped at a booth near us to tell the older couple sitting there that I had just graduated and to show off Natalie. Hahahaha.

you can't tell, but the old man is behind my mom and the woman is behind
my dad. he's looking my way because he was pointing me out to the couple.
We went to Barnes and Noble for a fantastic browse, and I got to choose $50 worth of merchandise courtesy of Grandpa Bim...thanks Gpa! I bought:
+The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott - Kelly O'Connor McNees
+The Witch of Blackbird Pond - Elizabeth George Speare
+Little House in the Big Woods - Laura Ingalls Wilder
+The Hunchback of Neiman Marcus - Sonya Sones
+The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger
+a cute magnet

Choosing books, especially on someone else's dime, is so juicy! I was proud of my smart shopping too...six books for $50? Killer! I got the first Little House book because my mom read those books to us growing up, and I wanted to start my own collection so that when Natalie is old enough I can read them to her too (and eventually the other children.) I've been meaning to read Time Traveler's forever, Hunchback looks creative and funny, and Witch is going in our Newbery collection. I have always always been a sucker for anything Little Women, and the Louisa book was on sale so it was a clear choice!

Austin gave me a "Nebraska Alumni" license plate cover which he will put on as soon as it's not wintry weather outside, and my parents gave me a beautiful silver Seiko watch which I'm totally in love with. (My brothers were more in love with its accompanying pillow.) Grammy Bee and Grandpa Bee (my mom's parents) gave my dad a gold Seiko watch when he graduated college, so it's a cool tradition to pass on. After my family went home and Natalie had a nap, we went to Paint Yourself Silly again to make a Nebraska plate...we get to pick it up next week, so I'll post a picture then. It was a great way to celebrate and commemorate an important occasion!

Sam is about to graduate high school so he brought his own cap and gown to join in the graduation festivities. I think it's hilarious that Natalie has the same expression in every one of these pictures - it's her "whattheFLASH!" face haha.

I couldn't have done it without my fantastic husband...he's the absolute BEST, and I'm so grateful for his help and support!

Natalie is the best too, especially in those socks and with that winning smile : ) How great is it that I'm DONE with school and can just hang with my baby(ies) all day?! (And then pass them off to Austin when he comes home from work so I can have a mommy break!)

This weekend and past week has also been full of Les Mis...after eight, count 'em, EIGHT days of shows in a row (rehearsals Sunday-Thursday and show Friday-Sunday) I can say that I am completely sick of sitting in the cramped pit on an uncomfortable chair with a lame electric piano, playing the same plunky chords every night. I don't think this is going to taint my love for the musical itself, but I will be VERY relieved when this particular engagement is through. The show has been going very well, however, and has gotten great reviews and sold-out crowds. I was reading one review to Austin yesterday and he decided he wanted to write one of his own, even though he hasn't seen the show:

"Lincoln Community Playhouse's transcendant performance of the mega-popular hit musical Les Miserables was, in a word, beautiful. Javert was everything we wanted him to be: cold and ruthless, but with staggering vocal abilities. Jean Valjean's performance was equally beautiful. Not a dry eye could be found as Valjean pulled at our heart strings with his now-famous rendition of 'Bring Him Home'.

However, neither Javert nor Valjean were the true heart of this performance. One unlikely candidate completely stole the show, and, in turn, our very hearts. Keyboard 2 was the obvious inspiration of everyone in this show. The actors, the orchestra, and the audience all drew strength from the fearless performance of this celestial keyboardist. It is a rare and beautiful occasion when the music itself rises up and becomes a character of its own in a musical theatre performance, but this Saturday night I witnessed perfection from the musician I will always lovingly remember as Keyboardist 2."

...can't really say anything after that, folks! Have a happy week!


  1. You look really pretty in your cap and gown!! Congrats on graduating! Have a blast and relax, you deserve it!

  2. ha, all that commotion for not even walking! but at least you have semi cool pictures of you in graduation pictures :) so happy for you!