Friday, May 3, 2013


Happy SUMMER! My classes are over (forever), our vacations are planned, and the weather has been perfect!
Thursday morning. Drill?
Except not - we've had rain, snow, sleet, slush, ice, hail, thunderstorms, and brutal wind this week. And one glorious 80-degree day. Nebraska has always been temper(ature)mental, but snow in May? New low, NE. Just short of canceling, UNL even truncated the (outdoor) commencement ceremonies this weekend from a full-out four hour jamboree in Memorial Stadium to handing out degrees in a small room in the stadium where only graduates would fit, so the families could just wait outside...? They've since adjusted this to a still-shortened but family-welcome event. Thanks, weather.

We enjoyed the last bit of sun on Tuesday by going on a walk with friends around Holmes Lake. Natalie had her first experience with sand, and I thought based on her anti-grass sentiments that she wouldn't like it, but she could have played on the beach all day!

Natalie in plaid shorts has to be one of my most favorite things...nice weather, come backkk!

hahaha, her chubby legs!

trying to play the piano
 Today while I was getting ready in the bathroom, Natalie decided she'd rather sit in/on my night table than on the floor to play. (Showering has been fine with one baby, but how am I going to do it with two? The logistics of motherhood!)

We made apple pie shakes the other day, but I didn't like the taste so I put mine in the freezer. Austin drank his right up, but then he was plagued with awful food poisoning later that night and the apple pie that sat out too long is the only thing we can think of that would have made him so sick, since we pretty much ate the same things for the rest of our meals and Natalie and I have been perfectly healthy. Sooo, we probably won't make these for a while. But they looked good!

This week has been Les Miserables! : ) Forgive the pun, but we have had 3.5 hour rehearsals every night since Sunday and I never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually kind of sick of the music. Whaaattt? It's opening night so I'm sure having an audience will add life back to what I'm playing, but five days of straight run-throughs is kind of running me ragged. Plus I miss putting Natalie to bed - she goes down after I've left and before I get home, so I don't get bedtime cozies! It's good Daddy time for Austin though - he loves having that time with her, so it's not all bad. I'm glad I'm participating, but I'll also be glad when it's over. At least it's all performances from here on out, so it should go pretty fast. Then we will get monies that will pay for our Yellowstone trip at the end of this month, yayyyy! I CAN'T WAIT. (More on that later.)

The orchestra pit is TINY (yes, I know it's called a "pit" for a reason, but this one is seriously closet-sized) so we are pretty crammed in. The picture on the left is from the railing on the right looking down, and the picture on the right is my view looking up at the conductor. Below is what I see when I look left. It's definitely cozy! With two trumpets, two french horns, trombone, oboe, clarinet, pianos, flute, and violin, cello, bass, and full drumset, I kind of can't believe we have enough room to even make music. It's sounding great though - I still get the chills during certain spots. Long live Les Mis! (Just not during rehearsals.)  
the poor trumpet guys have to sit in the awkward scary ledge area

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