Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Preg, Vol. II Pt. I

the last picture pre-Natalie
I always felt guilty when people asked me how my pregnancy was going last year because other than getting enormous and being really hot all the time (but who wasn't hot last summer?!), I had it REALLY easy. Like, no issues. I hear these horror stories of awful miserable pregnancies and then crazy stressful painful scary labors and deliveries, and I sort of shrink back so that I don't get attacked for having such a relaxed, chill experience.

This time is even worse, as far as the guilt goes, because I seriously feel perfect. Now that Stockton is kicking often and my stomach is growing, I finally consistently feel "pregnant," but I have just had such a great 20 weeks. I haven't even been tired, but that could be due to the fact that I now have a higher tolerance for low sleep since having Natalie, or that I'm distracted enough by taking care of her that I don't feel the need to fall into bed for hours-long naps every day like I did last time.

Halfway done already though...sweet! I love having a name picked out already - it is reassuring and just plain cool to be able to refer to our child in utero as something other than "the baby". We get to see him later this week for my appointment...I love seeing the changes from ultrasound to ultrasound. Just plain amazing.

Some thoughts on this pregnancy so far:

+I think cravings are a myth, but that might be because I am always craving some sort of food (usually junk), pregnant or not. This time, I have been going in spurts of what I want to eat. I sort of get stuck on one food and only eat that for sometimes days at a time, and then move on to something else. For instance, it was English muffins for a while, and I only felt like eating those for a day or two. Traditional Prego and spaghetti noodles lasted for several days, and I had the applewood smoked bacon, eggs, and cheese Lean Pockets at least five meals in a row one time.

+Meat: YUCK. I already had an aversion to meat pre-preg - I don't like the texture, taste, or possibility of chewing on something gross like a tendon or bone *shudder*, and I especially hate dealing with raw meat. Pregnancy just exacerbates everything - I seriously can't deal with it most of the time. The smell, the red meat, the fat on the chicken, cooking ground turkey...it's making me cringe visibly thinking about it.

+The "ahhhhhhh" that escapes out of my mouth when I unbutton my jeans after sitting for an extended period of time.

+My allergies are worse when I'm pregnant. Fun fact.

+I think it's completely unfair that expectant mothers sleep worse and worse as pregnancy progresses (at least in my case)...I'm already doing the tossy/turny wake-up-twice-to-pee dance. Sigh.

+This time it seems like I got an extra dose of happy hormones because I've been emotional but in all positive ways. Last time I was just obnoxious and moody haha. 

...I really don't have that much to write because everything pretty much feels the same as it would if I weren't pregnant. It's just exciting to have another baby growing and developing - we already can't wait to meet him! Austin frequently leans over to talk to my stomach saying, "Hey Stockton buddy, come out soon so we can play basketball, okay?" : )

(I'll post a 20-week picture soon...I should probably shower first)

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