Monday, May 20, 2013

Stardines and Snats

Austin and I sometimes have pun wars where we see who can come up with the most clever plays on words, so when I saw this book I knew I had to get it for him:

It is a collection of poems about different pun animals, such as Plandas, Wedgehogs, Jollyfish, and, of course, Stardines.

it has these funky illustrations

my personal favorite, the Slobster
Of course, Austin loved the whole idea with the silly names and creative poems, and we decided to come up with Stardines Vol. II, featuring such animals as the Rantelope, Mutterfly, Limpanzee, Lostrich, and Molar Bear.

my attempt at illustrations
We collaborated to write the first poem of Volume Two, entitled "Spellephants." Enjoy:

Spellephants are very smart.
They S-P-E-L-L til dark.
They E-A-T when they wake up,
And then they spell until they sup.

They C-A-N spell anything,
Including words like talk and sing.
But big words are their specialty,
like parathyroidectomy.

They A-R-E so very blessed
With brains that are the very best.
They do not fault you for your lack
But spellcheck, please, or they'll attack.

A spellephant has just one friend
To whom they do not condescend.
That friend can spell as well as he;
We know him as the Spelling Bee!

The last paragraph was all Austin and I think it's completely brilliant. Stay tuned for more Poulsen Stardines poetry. 

 This is the position you'll find Natalie in nine times out of ten: standing up, holding on with one hand.

The only other thing that has been going on is getting ready to leave on our trip, but of course that encompasses many activities and errands and projects. (Can someone explain to me why it costs $319.50 to renew my car registration? Ridiculous! I had to flush out my annoyance by having a satisfying Target trip.) I spent a lot of the day in the car, (DMV, Targ, bank, two friends' houses, picking up pizza, etc) and then spent most of the rest tying up things at home. Growing up my mom always made us clean the house before we left on vacation which we all thought was outrageous, but now I totally see the magnificence of coming home to a clean house. It is beautiful. So now we have a clean kitchen, two clean bathrooms, all the laundry and toys and odds and ends put away, and I even Febreezed the carpet and couch. Natalie helped by taking good naps and playing happily. I tried to pack every article of her clothing because they are all so dang cute, and I got away with a lot of it because she needs winter clothes for Yellowstone and summer clothes for Salt Lake, I'm sure it is completely excessive anyway. Over it.

the all-important snack bag
One of the juiciest parts about getting ready for vacation is preparing the trip snats - we probably overdid it this time, but I guess that's a good problem to have. Two varieties of zip-locked Cheetos (I hate stale chips and when they spill), Garden Salsa Sun Chips (also appropriately partitioned into a separate bag), economy-sized Redvines, two large boxes of Milk Duds, a bag of red-only Swedish Fish, the giant resealable Raisinets bag, cup-holder gum, the giant Goldfish container, and a dozen caffeine-free Cokes. (I'm trying to stay away from caffeine for Mr. Stockton's sake, plus I grew up on the nectar of CFCs, so don't judge.) Basically, everyone who isn't in our car should be jealous. I might even get ambitious and make cookies tomorrow to seal the deal, but don't cross your fingers.

In other news: Austin loves riding his bike Petey to work and back, but one of the pedals came off today en route and we were not pleased. He tried to pedal with only one foot, but couldn't make it up the hill. Who else do you know that would even attempt unipedaling a bicycle? Haha only my great husband : ) 

Wish us luck on our 12-hour overnight drive tomorrow night - clearly we are set in the treats department, and we have Dan Brown's new book on CD to keep us awake (with HP on CD as backup), but pray for a sleepy Natalie, alert drivers, and speedy trip!

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  1. I adore your "stardine" poem! It's right up my alley. I'm a Shell Silverstein-Robert Louis Stevenson kind of poetry lover. So hurrah to your witty-ness! I wish we could be neighbors because then I'd slip little silly poems or stories under your door every now and then and see if they made you giggle. :)