Wednesday, June 5, 2013

10 months

Natalie Jane is less than 2 months away from being a whole YEAR old! How did that happen!? I can remember thinking "holy cow she's never going to turn one" and now all of a sudden it is fast approaching.

Things this pretty girl is up to:

Pulling herself up on EVERYTHING


the Pringles mechanism = no squished fingies
When we were in the kitchen at Grammy Bee's she would seriously zoom off crawling to find the nearest drawer. She gets such a kick out of the fact that they open and shut at her whim. Until she bonks, that is. 
there she goes!

This is my new favorite thing that she does: she crawls up to the cabinet of choice, pulls herself up, figures out how hard she has to pull/push to open/close, and then she peeks in and screeches into the cabinet before quickly shutting it again. SO FUNNY.

 She enjoys pulling things out of where they belong and then vacating the scene.

acting innocent
Basically, Natalie is happy all day except when she's tired, and then she just takes a nap and wakes up happy again, so it all works out. She is SO WONDERFUL! She sleeps like a champ (finally), usually isn't afraid of strangers, eats anything we offer, and makes us smile ALL DAY LONG. She's seriously a dream baby - let's hope Mr. Stockton takes the whole branch out of his sister's book!

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