Thursday, June 6, 2013


It's the sixth day of the sixth month, so that seemed like a good enough reason to blog : ) plus I found a couple stragglers from our trip that I wanted to make sure we documented:


this is one of my favorites haha, it looks like she's just totally resigned to her fate

concentration cheeks!

view from the backyard

i can't even talk about this, i want it so bad
Ahh. All caught up. I know it was sort of a blog attack, but I was afraid that if I didn't tackle it right away I would keep putting it off and get further behind and it would have been a mess. We don't like messes.

Unless they are the kind that Natalie likes making! You can tell where she's been because she leaves a trail of bink, Kitty, intermittent toys, and piles of things that were once in a cupboard or on a table. She loves prying open doors with her little fingers, crawling around in just her diapie, and chewing her bananas with her two front teeth. (Yeah! She has teeth! I keep forgetting to mention this important development, but yup there are two beautiful pearlies on her bottom gums; I can't believe how sharp they are!)

 Now you see her, now you don't. She's constantly on the move!

Austin has been crocheting a scarf for my birthday since we got married (2.5 birthdays ago) and he finally finished while Natalie and I were in Utah! He sort of ran out of the original yarn, so he improvised beautifully. 

 I had to take a picture of his hilarious crochet needle...notice the classic tape job (it broke in half.)

He's the best : ) We are all enjoying being home together...we went on a chicken salad sandies/hot cheetos/pink lemonade picnic last night and I'm taking full advantage of Natalie's renewed marathon naps. Home is best! 

 fuzzy after her bath : )

You can't really tell, but this is a picture of Natalie playing with a retractable pen. She LOVES clicking it back and's hilarious when you hand her a pen because she immediately checks both ends to see if it is the kind she can click, and then her hands and fingers get into the correct forefinger formation so she can concentrate on her task. Such a smart, happy girl : ) 

(Also, does anyone else feel like you can't get control of the house after vacation? I feel like I can't stay on top of the kitchen, and the living room is in disarray even though I feel like I've tidied all day. Not to mention the half-unpacked state of affairs in our bedroom...)

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