Tuesday, June 25, 2013


(In connection with the previous post, here is a link to Natalie's birth story.)

Natalie and I can't seem to shake this cold/allergy issue we've been having since we got home last week...my cold has sunk into my chest which is the worst part of the cold/cough cycle, and Natalie was sneezing ALL day. I pretty much just followed her around with a kleenex. She's been a trooper though, being cozy and sweet when she's not having a *sensitive* moment.
sick baby with post-bath curlies
With neither of us feeling great, it's been hard to get stuff done around the house but I had bought on-sale strawberries yesterday and needed to use them before they went south...hence, freezer jam! The strawbs were seriously perfect - all four pounds were beautiful, ripe, happy red berries. For the first time ever I didn't find a single bad berry to throw out!

 Austin contributed by squishing the berries and by playing fruit ninja with the lemons.

ta daaaa! look at all that fabulous jam for us to enjoy! it took a lot of restraint not to buy another pack of the cute mason jars, but frugality won over and I satisfied myself with just four. (you're welcome, dear!) 

 Two thoughts on freezer jam:
Natalie helped by reading calmly while I stemmed the strawbs
Since Natalie was born we've been pretending she loves to read, but of course she cares more about eating the book than reading it. HOWEVER, we've made a major breakthrough in the past week and now Natalie actually seems to be looking at the pictures and words and flipping the pages instead of trying to wreck them - she will sit still in our laps for longer periods of time while we read to her, and she LOVES the board book in the picture above....she crawls over to it and opens it and sits down looking at it for a while. As avid readers, we could not be more proud!

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