Monday, June 24, 2013

Rainy Days and Mustaches

I love that old Carpenter's song "Rainy Days and Mondays"...such a good wailer. It also describes our morning! Natalie and I set off for our happy walk not knowing that a huge storm was looming...I guess the clouds were pretty dark, but we were determined not to make excuses. At the exact half-way point of our walk, it starts POURING. Like, guy-just-breaks-up-with-girl-movie-type downpour. Normally I would just traipse on home, but with such important cargo I was actually worried for our safety since it was getting chilly and the lightning was extreme. We huddled under a tree that sort of sheltered us for a minute, but the persistent raindrops were not feeling lenient and I was completely drenched, along with the stroller. Natalie was warm and dry inside, (thank you, Britax!), and sort of nonplussed with the whole thing. I waited for about five minutes with the pelting rain, and then decided it would be better to just suck it up and make it home since Natalie was safe in the stroller and I was already soaking. It was an adventure!

I have never really been a beard fan, and especially not a mustache fan, but we have a no-shave vacation policy so Austin can be as scruffy as his heart desires. After our latest trip, my handsome husband decided he would look even better if he shaved off the week's whiskers but left a little mustache...he thought about taking the look to work, but neither of us could take him seriously so it only lasted for a few minutes. At least we documented! (One of Austin's favorite things is making funny faces, if you didn't know...)

Haha, we were cracking up. I think he looks exactly like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite in the last picture.

I love when Austin reads to our daughter : )
 Natalie LOVES Kitty!

Milk, oh wait there's Kitty, commence cuddles. 

This sweet girl is almost 11 months old and as busy as ever crawling, standing, blabbing, and preferring vegetables/savory foods to sweets and fruits. We love her!


  1. Was the rainy walk this morning? Will and I were going to go on a run, but I was lazy and decided to take a nap with him instead. When I put him down it started pouring and I was so glad we didn't go running. (Instead we went after his nap and the weather was perfect.)

  2. Yes! We definitely should have napped instead. : )