Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Road...MORE Traveled!

We feel like world travelers after all the driving, flying, and strollering we've been doing the past two weeks! I was nervous about how Natalie would handle being in the carseat for so long or how she'd do on the airplane, not to mention in different cribs/houses/situations for two weeks.

But..I forgot that it's Miss Sunshine we're dealing with, so of course everything went swimmingly.

She was seriously a ROCK.STAR. The whole time. Even in the midst of teething woes, Daddy leaving a week before us, and a disrupted nap schedule, she pulled out all the stops and flashed her Natalie smile 99% of the time. I LOVE THIS LITTLE GIRL!

We had several different car/passenger configurations, but I think the most laughs came when my brother Sam joined us in our car...he stole Austin's memory foam neck pillow and brought his own full-size mem foam pillow and proclaimed himself the Memory Foam King, while I was the Mem Foam Peasant and Austin was the Memperor. We also listened to the Michael Buble/Reese Witherspoon song about 64 times in two days. Roadtrips are full of these sorts of memories and inside jokes that nobody on the outside laughs at but we think are completely hilarious for years to come.

notice his mem foam tiara

while Natalie was sleeping, I actually got to READ! :)

 The three stages of falling asleep in the car: binkage, dazed and losing bink interest, out cold.

She was great in the airport and on the plane, too:

contemplating life with Kitty

 She played happily with me, the seat, and some nice passengers on the first flight, and then promptly passed out for the duration of the second flight. SUCH A GOOD BABY.

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