Thursday, June 13, 2013

Time Flying

This week has been nuts. (And not just because I've been living off a bag of almonds in my car.) I feel like I had just gotten my life back together post-Utah and then I shipped off to accompany show choir camp Monday-Saturday. Natalie has been graciously juggled between friends and family willing to help watch her, and I feel like I never see my I went the longest time I've even been away from Natalie her whole life (7 hours)! I can't wait to be able to just be home with her again!

 having fun while Mommy's away!

Show choir camp is fun though (plus it's a good chunk of change before our next vacay), lots of energy, lots of high schoolers freaking out about how to do that body roll or if the lyric is "my" or "mine," and a whole lot of reading time for me while they do choreography and don't need an accompanist. I'm reading The Time Traveler's Wife and it is 100% entrancing...I feel super connected to the characters and have a visceral need to find out how their lives work out. The writing sucked me in from the start, and it's such a sometimes confusing, sometimes tragic, but always beautiful plot. I can't wait to see how it turns out...I was trying to describe it to Austin and I told him it's like when you're watching the end of a movie that is sad but a happy sad, you know, the kind where your heart is breaking but also piecing itself back together with tears dripping down your face and a watery smile because it's all just so dang beautiful?, I just spent way too much time on that description, but I wanted to capture how this book has, well, captured me.

I feel like I need to be a time traveler...I can't believe it's halfway through June, that I just had my last appointment of my second trimester, that Natalie is starting to think about taking steps, and that I've been out of school for a month and a half. Time is fuh-LYING by.

my sweeties on a Barnes outing
After show choir today I went to the rehearsal of the wedding I'm playing for was a much needed foray into "real" music instead of the poppy Glee arrangements I've been engrossed in all week. Plus the bride is walking down the aisle to "Liz on Top of the World" from Pride and Prejudice and I'm totally living vicariously through her. (P and P at a wedding? Perfection!) It's so nice to be involved in such happy things as weddings; it makes me remember mine and how perfect that time was, and how in love I still am with my sweet silly husband. And our happy baby girl! (who acts more grown up everyday...I can't deal!)

 notice that her head is inside the loop haha; waiting for Mommy to come home in the rain

One of Natalie's favorite things to do right now: crawl under things. And then get stuck and get mad and call (*shriek) for someone to rescue her. She's also recently discovered wall outlets and enjoys opening and closing the closet door.

I normally don't do the nakie pic but come ONNNN, can you stand that wrinkly bum!?

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