Wednesday, June 5, 2013


"Ahhhhh" indeed, for such a rejuvenating place! We always have the best time when we visit our multitudes of family there, but home base is always 2965 Sherwood Drive with Grammy and Grandpa Bee. They are the BEST. After Yellowstone, the boys went home to work (boo) and my mom, sister, and Natalie and I stayed behind for a whole extra week for no reason other than to hang out!

And hang out we did. Here's a typical day:

7:20 - Natalie wakes up, we have some chill time in our lair downstairs so we don't wake anyone up, then go to the kitchen to get breakfy.
(taking pictures for Daddy was part of our morning routine)


8:00 - the house is still quiet so Natalie and I venture down the mountain for some Einstein Brother's Bagel magic, and then go for a walk around that flatter neighborhood. (I learned my lesson after two days of extreme huffing and puffing around the Bee's.) These walks were probably my favorite thing about this trip - I LOVED the crisp, clear mountain air and it felt great to be getting some exercise. Plus, I had Dan Brown's new book on my iPod, so it was a good time to "read."

"here, Kitty, have some milk!"

 One morning around the neighborhood the climate was just right and I was practically walking through clouds as they rolled off the mountain!

doesn't this look like Longbourne from P and P? ...anyone?

our turnaround point

I thought this was a very whimsical planting and I wanted to remember it for my garden

I mean, come on. Priceless.
 9:00 - back to the Bee's for naptime, Mom and baby

my beautiful eggs benedict at my new favorite place, Eggs in the City

she loves hocho, just like her mommy : )
Mid-morning - showers, getting our lives together and planning out our schedule for the day (usually involving lunch out, seeing some form of family, errands/activities, and some sort of delicious treat), letting Natalie have some cabinet time in the kitchen, etc.

can't believe she's a GREAT-grammy bee!
 Natalie could NOT get enough of this fountain!

Afternoon - (see above) + a nap for Natalie somewhere in there
a lot of French Open, too

 we visited a friend in Farmington (and were tempted to move there!!)

 More Temple Square

Evening - usually dinner at the Bee's or at another family member's house, then Natalie's down at 8 and we stay up watching Anne of Green Gables, playing cards, and eating way too much ice cream. And Black Cherry Shasta. And chocolate cake. And Grandma Sycamore's bread, toasted with homemade raspberry jam. (Don't know what Gma Syc's is? YOU'RE MISSING OUT. It's a STAPLE in our Utah vocabulary.) ...more ice cream.

Basically, Natalie and I had good bonding time in the morning, then I hung out with Grammy Bee, my mom, and my sister, we had delicious food all day every day, enjoyed our outings, but also enjoyed staying home watching Natalie crawl into the toy cupboard and climb on everything and eating yet more delicious and completely necessary desserts. It was grand : ) BUT I am never as content without my husband by my side, and Natalie definitely missed her daddy, so we are very happy to be home.

Also, no apologies for the length or number of pictures in this post. I want to remember it all!

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  1. props to you for catching up on your trip SO fast and timely!!!! looks like such a blast, and look at that cute haircut of yours, when did i miss that??? hope to see you FRIDAY!!!!