Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Yolo Stone

My sister and I were driving down the hopping "downtown" of West Yellowstone and saw one of the 15 t-shirt shops advertising a tie-dye shirt that says "Yolo Stone"...needless to say, we pulled a comically large u-turn and parked dramatically right in front of the store to march up and purchase ours immediately. Mine is in the laundry after its debut at three different airports yesterday, but expect a picture soon.

So, YELLOWSTONE! It was great family fun, as per usual. Hiking, Old Faithful twice, card games, lounging, cozy cabins, drives in the park, hot chocolate, heirloom tomato salad with ginger balsamic dressing...the best. I took the following pictures, but I really didn't have my phone/camera most of the time and it was nice to really be in the moment and not worry about capturing it, you know?

the poulsen nest...this picture makes it look drab and dismal, but it was groovy

what's cozier than a fireplace? ahh

Natalie's corner

She's always so happy in the mornings : )

We've started a new tradition, folks: QRT around the World (QRT pronounced "qwert;" *quiet read time*)

Stay tuned for more, once we've been more places haha.

Austin being Gollum

 The waterfall they hiked up to see (Natalie and I were cozy at home).

Austin's walking stick

the cheeks, the Kitty, the stripes..ahhh

beautiful rain in the distance
the awesome lodge at Old Faithful

back at Grammy Bee's!
The weather was perfect, the fishing was good so the men were happy, there wasn't any of the normal tween cousin drama, we had good food, good company, and just a good old fashioned time : ) It's funny though, I feel like I have to put "vacation" in quotation marks because even though it's a break from church, school, work, and home responsibilities, you never stop being a parent, so it's sort of like doing what we normally do, just in a different place. With fun family and beautiful scenery. Don't get me wrong, it was a great trip, but I don't think we will have a true vacation until we are done having children and my husband whisks me away me to Hawaii : ) (right sweetie?)

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  1. looks like fun family timers! and, yes, i completely agree with the whole "vacation" concept. (and i have been sharing the hawaii idea with cubby for years...we just have to stop having babies!)