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Single Digits

We're into the single digits, folks! Stockton will be here in 9 weeks or less. (OR LESS, okay!?) I have this theory that Natalie didn't come early because I was a complete pile the weeks (okay, or months) leading up to her birth, but I've been so much more active this pregnancy with chasing Natalie around and not being able to lay in bed all day, so I'm not getting my hopes up but I wouldn't be surprised if I went into labor earlier. (Hint, hint baby boy!)
But really, only nine weeks left? That sounds like no time at all! July came and went like a tornado - I don't even know what we did all month but now it's practically over. I think the time will continue to move super fast which I'm happy about because I'm in the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy but sad about because Natalie is careening into toddler land. (Which is actually happy, too, so it's all good.)

How I'm feeling:
squished lungs
acid reflux
insatiable bladder
not sleeping…

Desserts, Ahoy! (plus interspersed Natsby)

Update on our "going without" desserts, ice cream, candy, and pop goal: we made it! The first month was a success. The only time we messed up was on accident: there was a huge bag of Pepperidge Farm cookies laying out seductively at Austin's parent's house and out of habit we didn't think twice about reaching in and munching. I only realized what had happened when I left to get a drink of water...I spun around and said "Austin! Those are cookies!" We didn't eat any more and didn't feel bad since it was an honest mistake. Habits are brutal, people!

But we are on the way to breaking them. Yesterday, the 27th, was the designated day of legal consumption and we had been looking forward to it all month. However, when it came down to it, the three bowls of ice cream and three sodas (go big or go home, right?) we partook of throughout the day just weren't as satisfying as they used to be! What!? It was actually pretty depressing. We didn't eve…

First Birthday Party

Natalie Jane had her first birthday party ever today! Granted, her birthday isn't until Thursday, but what better way to celebrate than drag it out for a week?! It was very fun to share it with our Lincoln family.

She got cute clothes, jammies, puzzles, and a new baby doll, but she wasn't really feelin the whole opening presents thing. (She was also missing her pants.) The doll was more of a hit - it giggles when you press the stomach...kinda creepy but Natalie was into it.

 Then, the CAKE! My sweet in-laws made Natalie her own cute little Natsby-sized cake.

Daddy helped her blow out the candle:

Then she eyed the cake suspiciously for a minute...

And after she realized no one was going to take it away, she SCARFED:

She got messier and messier and could hardly pick up the cake anymore because her hands were so squishy