Wednesday, July 3, 2013

11 months

I can't believe that this time next month I will be writing a post about how our baby girl is ONE YEAR OLD!

But for now, we'll focus on eleven months.

cozies with kitty and daddy`
Things Natalie loves:
+her sippy! she could have malk all day and never get tired of it
+her new toys...lately we've invested in a push walker and a wooden play cube (the kind you find at doctor's offices)
+holding my phone and dancing to Pandora
+eating adult food/feeding herself
+books (WE ARE SO PROUD!)
+waking up from her naps early
+sleeping from 8pm to at least 7am
+dumping out the box of blocks\
+playing next to the dishwasher

what a great face

 her new block/roller coaster toy

 the walker (not in use and backwards, but you get the picture)

Things Natalie loathes:
+baby food
+diapie changes/getting dressed
+her sunhat (at least when she realizes it is on her head)
+being left out of anything
+losing cupboard privileges (happens when she tries to eat dish soap)
+hearing the shower but not being able to play in it

can't decide how she feels about carrots
Let me reiterate how AWESOME it is that Natalie is showing interest in books! We keep little stacks of board books around the house and she, of her own volition, crawls over and opens them right up, turning the pages and looking at the pictures. She will let us hold her in our laps while we point to pictures and read the rhymes and help her turn pages and IT IS SO WONDERFUL I LOVE IT SO MUCH.


i love that they are making the same face

that scowl, haha


 She's the best!

She also thinks DVD cases are really run. She loves trying to open them and then snapping them shut again. 

She gets prettier and happier and more fun every day!

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