Friday, July 26, 2013


As I am sitting here watching Harry Potter 6 (we WILL make it through all eight movies by the end of the month!!) I realized that we haven't been on much of a blogging streak lately. I see all the cute posts by my cute friends and think "dang I should post more often" but actually, I think things are fine the way they are. We blog when we have something to blog about (which is usually at least once a week) and then spend the rest of our time raising our beautiful daughter and having fun together. It's important to not get caught up in trying to remember every little thing (something that plagues me daily, it seems...I panic when I realize I don't remember every detail about Natalie at 5 months, for example) - it's more than adequate to only write some of the memories down. We will always remember this time with fondness, and any specific record is extra. I'm so glad that we will always have this blog as a record (and our pictures and personal journals) - I would LOVE to be able to look back on what I was doing as a baby, so I'm grateful that our children will have that opportunity. Thank goodness for technology!

 restaurant peekaboo/eating baby's head

I don't have a Pinterest because I'm positive it would only make me feel mediocre; we already compare ourselves to others so often, especially as mothers and housewives, and seeing all the fabulous ideas and quaint projects that others are putting together would remind me that I do not make my own detergent or sew my children's clothes or keep a perfectly luscious garden (or any garden at all). I have always had a hard time saying "no" to things, and I need to be better about not feeling bad for not implementing every good idea that comes my way. It's more important that Natalie has fun every day learning and developing than what her toy containers look like or how perfectly chiseled her homemade wood blocks are. No, seriously though, I'm happier when I just go with the flow and do a couple juicy ideas here and there, not worrying about how cute everything looks or how original the dessert I just made is. Plus, I like how Tide smells...forget the homemade stuff.
(disclaimer: I am not anti-Pinterest and I might eventually get one myself, but for now I just don't need any more distractions. Pinterest lovers, pin away!!)

this article really spoke to me - it's absolutely worth your time to read it.

In other news, Natalie is taking STEPS, everyone! As with every other milestone, she decides when and how to do it, always on her terms. We keep catching her moving from one landmark to another without crawling (couch to exersaucer, swing to lego bin, etc). She doesn't usually take many steps (or any at all) when we try to set her up, but she often takes 6-7 steps of her own accord. It always sort of startles me when I look up after a second and she's two feet away from where she was, moving by WALKING! She's also figured out how to stand up by herself without pulling herself up on anything. AND she taught herself how to safely get off the couch using the turn-around-legs-dangling method. SMART GIRL!

 She is our world, and I wouldn't trade this time for anything. I LOVE being her mommy : )

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