Saturday, July 6, 2013

Baby Days...

...are almost over! (Until #2 comes along, that is.) But Natalie Jane is growing up! I don't usually get all depressed about it because every new stage has been fun and exciting and we just enjoy every day, but it is sort of crazy that she is almost walking and understanding what we say to her and communicating with us and not a tiny bundle of swaddled infant anymore!

Sometimes I just sit back and watch her play, roaming from toy to toy and whispering to herself. She is very curious and excitable, even if it's just a cereal box or spoon.

 She loves being outside and exploring...with the weather as mild as it has been I am happy to oblige!

She also loves getting into and onto everything, which is fun to watch but also scary sometimes.

 I love her little tip toes : )

We have enjoyed our morning walks at different parks and places...yesterday we went frisbee golfing and Natalie got a great kick out of that!

cozies with Kitty afterwards : )
Cute Natalie things of late:
-she knows when she's doing something we don't want her to do, and when we say her name in that certain warning tone she starts frantically crawling at high speed so we can't catch her haha
-she claps after she has a bite of something she loves (usually ice cream)
-she reaches for people she knows well to give them tight hugs around the neck
-she loves the game where you show her something and then hide it under something else so she has to uncover it

comPLETEly passed out

our favorite used bookstore is doing "blind date books" where you don't know what they are except for clues written on the outside...totally an Austin-Jessie type activity! we'll let you know how it turns out 
try this! super good!

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  1. aww, always reading what natalie is doing i think to myself "really? maxson will be doing that probably in 3 months? CRAZY!" glad i get to see it happen to you first and hear how it goes ;)