Tuesday, July 23, 2013


No matter what time we put Natsby to bed, it seems like she always wakes up in the same 6:45-7:00am window and then is ready for her morning nap sometimes as early as 8:30. I came to the conclusions that:
a) she must be waking up at the same time because of the light from her window
b) her morning "nap" really is just an extension of her night's sleep because she is waking up too early

at least she ALWAYS wakes up with a smile
Enter black-out curtain. THE BEST. It was an $11 Shopko buy, just a basic red curtain that blocks out most of the light, and I "hung" it up with push pins. A rinky fix for, wait for it...an HOUR+ more of sleep! And this is just the first day, so our hopes are high. She slept from 7:20pm to 8:00am. Austin and I showered, got ready, ate breakfast, and were still waiting for her to wake up! We went in her room to make sure she was all right, so she probably would slept even longer. Now her naps have shifted to a more appropriate later time (between 9:30 and 10 and then later in the afternoon) and everyone is happy.

And then Stockton will show up and shift everything around again : ) The joys of sleep training!

the rubbish pile on our patio; drills, saws, and tractors are constantly humming!
Naps have been iffy this week due to construction on our apartment building (putting in new decks and ripping, quite literally and LOUDLY, all the siding out) and the dreaded teething. It's actually not that bad; Natalie seems to handle teething pretty well, but she does get more sensitive and has a runny nose. We are in follow-around-with-a-kleenex mode for the next couple of days. This is the face she makes when there is change going on in her mouth:

She just sucks on her lip all day long, cute thing.

It's been a pretty quiet week, other than some sensitive-induced freakouts, but we are enjoying our days. We usually go on a walk in the morning, do errands after lunch, go swimming before dinner and then play until bedtime. It's crazy that by the time Austin and I go to sleep, Natalie has already been sleeping for three or more hours! I love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE her early bedtime.
caught an in-between moment between smile and more smile after a nap

haters gonna hate

Last week I accompanied for auditions at the playhouse, and this week I finalized the arrangements to be a music director/pianist for a children's theater company in town, at least for the next two shows (Seussical and Annie). I'm grateful for the extra income (and flexible schedules) of these opportunities, and it's especially gratifying using my degree to help support my family. It was a reality check trying to work rehearsal schedules around having our second baby! I asked my husband if he would be okay handling both kids if I took this job, and his reply was, "of course! I will be Super Dad : )". Super Dad, indeed.

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