Sunday, July 28, 2013

Desserts, Ahoy! (plus interspersed Natsby)

Natalie LOVES the sunscreen bottle
Update on our "going without" desserts, ice cream, candy, and pop goal: we made it! The first month was a success. The only time we messed up was on accident: there was a huge bag of Pepperidge Farm cookies laying out seductively at Austin's parent's house and out of habit we didn't think twice about reaching in and munching. I only realized what had happened when I left to get a drink of water...I spun around and said "Austin! Those are cookies!" We didn't eat any more and didn't feel bad since it was an honest mistake. Habits are brutal, people!

But we are on the way to breaking them. Yesterday, the 27th, was the designated day of legal consumption and we had been looking forward to it all month. However, when it came down to it, the three bowls of ice cream and three sodas (go big or go home, right?) we partook of throughout the day just weren't as satisfying as they used to be! What!? It was actually pretty depressing. We didn't even have any other treats because now we are used to going without them. I was sort of crushed because pop has been my feel-good, go-to pal for my entire life and now I don't even really love it anymore. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!? I'm far from disliking it, but it didn't make me feel that warm fuzzy oh-my-gosh-so-delicious buzz that I used to get even thinking about the carbonation. Sigh. And the ice cream wasn't all that great either! My favorite treats, all of a sudden not my favorite?! My world has been sort of rocked.

 But it was fun to have a free day. We stayed up until midnight the night before so that we could enjoy late-night ice cream (the best way to have it), but even that was lackluster because this mama's 10-o-clock bedtime had wayyy come and gone and ice cream didn't even sound good anymore. We played Harry Potter Scrabble to stay awake using words such as git, blimer (one who says blimey), wich (Austin didn't have "t"), hary (I didn't have another "r"), and quafl (minus the extra "l" and "e"). It was very silly and fun, but I was SO exhausted.

We didn't have ice cubes for our room temperature Cherry Coke last night so we improvised: baby food jars of freezer jam in ziploc bags!

cold and refreshing!

Natalie didn't seem to have the same problem we had enjoying the ice cream...she loved it more than ever!

choco mustache

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