Sunday, July 28, 2013

First Birthday Party

Natalie Jane had her first birthday party ever today! Granted, her birthday isn't until Thursday, but what better way to celebrate than drag it out for a week?! It was very fun to share it with our Lincoln family.

She got cute clothes, jammies, puzzles, and a new baby doll, but she wasn't really feelin the whole opening presents thing. (She was also missing her pants.) The doll was more of a hit - it giggles when you press the stomach...kinda creepy but Natalie was into it.

 Then, the CAKE! My sweet in-laws made Natalie her own cute little Natsby-sized cake.

Daddy helped her blow out the candle:

Then she eyed the cake suspiciously for a minute...

And after she realized no one was going to take it away, she SCARFED:

She got messier and messier and could hardly pick up the cake anymore because her hands were so squishy

It was epic. We all sat around the table cracking up while she just went to town. She wasn't smiley about it either, she took it very seriously. Eating cake takes concentration!

happy early birthday our great natsby!
I have to say, I got a tiny bit teary in the middle of the cake extravaganza realizing that we just met the smear-cake-all-over-the-face-for-the-first-birthday milestone...our baby isn't really a baby anymore! (More on that when it's actually her birthday...hopefully I can get it together by then!)

The aftermath:

Cake and frosting and sprinkles, oh my! There were globs in her hair and diaper, plus all over Austin and eventually on me.

After a freakout due to suddenly hot water:

She had jammies, malk, kitty, and fell asleep in about three seconds on the way home. Birthday parties are exhausting! Thanks Poulsens! We love you!


  1. Haha cake eating. Serious business

  2. Sniff, I'm always a little bit sad on my kiddies' birthdays. It's just so sad to watch their babyhood slip away into toddlerhood, or whatever it's called. But of course it's also happy. That kind of parental mixed emotions that we feel every time our kids progress. SIGH. Happy Birthday Natalie!!