Monday, July 15, 2013


I'm sitting here draped over the couch in dire need of a shower and full from my toasted pb&j (complete with homemade jam), loving the sound of nap silence and admiring my freshly vacuumed floors.

And I'm HAPPY. : )

she LOVES pressing buttons, so the laptop is her version of heaven
nakie natalie. can't get enough.
I don't have a whole lot of physical pregnancy issues or even less unpleasant side effects, but at this stage in the game I am one hormonal pipe bomb waiting to explode - one TIIIIIINY little thing can make me rude for the whole rest of the night. A completely, non-important, totally get-overable thing that normally wouldn't even make me think twice can turn me into the wicked witch of Lincoln. I was in one of those moods when we got home last night and I don't know what triggered it this time, but I was so annoyed (at everything and nothing) and cranky and whiny and NASTY. It's like all my nice, happy feelings are destroyed in a tidal wave of hormones and it takes every OUNCE of self-restraint not to say the completely untrue, offensive things that come to my mind. Unfortunately, my husband has to bear the brunt of this situation and, bless his heart, he has learned to mostly ignore what I say and wait for a moment when I won't attack so that he can wrap his arms around me and make me feel better. I'm grateful that he puts up with me when I really don't feel in control of my emotions - I know that I am NOT fun to be around when I'm in one of those moods.

So, it feels wonderful to wake up and have my happy feelings all back where they belong. And it has been a perfect day so far - my home is clean, my daughter has been happily playing, I chatted with my mom, went on a satisfyingly hilly walk in the sunshine, picked up a few incidental groceries and then scored fresh corn and peaches at the produce stand by our apartments, and after a great lunch and Natalie playing by the dishwasher while I made dinner preparations, she is down for a nap and I am free to relax for a while. And I'm choosing to do so by putting my happiness down in writing so I can remember how it feels when I'm back in bomb-mode (which happens every three days or so...Austin has gotten good at predicting and steering clear).

Natsby and I must have played peekaboo for half an hour earlier - we were both having a BALL! We chased each other around the couch, her giggling hysterically when I popped out suddenly, and trying frantically to crawl onto the cushions when I came around the corner. I LOVE playing with my baby girl - making her laugh with very apparent glee is about the best feeling in the world. I feel like we are best friends - we do everything together. I love telling her what's going on outside on our walks (now we are crossing the street, don't forget to look both ways!) or when I'm making dinner (look, this is a yellow bell pepper, Mommy loves these but Daddy hates them!). I can't WAITTT for her to start talking. Except yes I can, because that sort of freaks me out - she doesn't need to grow up any faster than she already is!

homemade velcro toy - Natalie thinks velcro is the best

It is so so so fulfilling to forget my own needs and wants and just drop everything and play with Natalie. Of course I'm not supermom so this doesn't always happen, but there is a sort of satisfaction that comes with looking at the messy, cluttered dining table and knowing it went uncleaned because I was teaching my baby to drum on an empty formula can.
The result of asking my husband to lay the socks out to dry in "an appropriate place;" we slept on damp sheets that night haha : ) 

 playing peekabo

our pretty Sunday girl

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  1. Sadly, the happy-to-sad craziness doesn't end with pregnancy. Glad you recorded a good day! And, give me a call next time you know you'll be in town--I'd love to have you guys come play!