Thursday, July 18, 2013

Harry Potter, abridged

Since our last Harry Potter Month post we haven't been as celebratory (blimey!) mostly due to the fact that Austin started school again (boo, less family time!...yay, getting closer to finishing!) and we aren't eating sugary treats, meaning no more fun recipes like pumpkin pasties. We'll cook up something creative by the end of the month though, no worries.

in the fashion of Ron's Christmas sweaters
What we HAVE been doing (because don't you fret, HPM is still in full swing) is reading our excerpts every night (tonight is book four for the third go 'round) and, drumroll please...

illustrating our own ABRIDGED VERSION!

We giggled late into the night drawing these hilarious(ly bad) pictures of our favorite scenes in the Sorcerer's Stone. We are planning on doing one abridgement per HPM, so Chamber of Secrets will be next year. We can't decide what to do about sharing them with our children, however...we don't want the endings to be revealed until they are actually reading the true books, so we are planning on keeping them away from our abridgements and the movies. That sort of defeats the purpose of our shortened versions, but we still got a good laugh out of it. 

Without further ado...

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, a la Austin and Jessie circa 2013

we had a little water incident...

no, that's not blood, it's seepage from the previous water incident...does make it a little more dramatic though

he sort of looks like a robber

poor Hannah Abbott

Harry prefers to play naked

Ron isn't supposed to be laying in Hermione's lap, he just has a small head looked good when it was only the turban
Stay tuned for the rest of HPM 2013! (And send any ideas our way!)

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  1. HA!!!!! You guys are awesome. You will be published in no time. I understand your desire to keep the ending of HP from your kids. I have to admit I'm a little sad that Jay already knows what happens more or less because we listen to HP on CD (Jim Dale reads it like a boss) on long car rides all the time, and Jay has watched Jeff has played the Lego Harry Potter video game on the computer. Oh well, discovering it in the pages of the real book will still be magical, right?
    Here's an idea: You should make each page of illustrations the same size as the book pages and insert them at appropriate places throughout the book! :)