Saturday, July 6, 2013

Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July! I love being American! One of my favorite parts about this holiday is singing the patriotic hymns in church the Sunday before...I always get so overwhelmed with emotion during the National Anthem.

We went to the ward breakfast in the morning and were surprised how cool the temperature felt - Natalie looked extra cute wearing my sweater though!

no, we do not have twins, although Maxson is welcome to crash our pics anytime! : )

We headed to Papillion to party with the Plumbs...meaning eat a lot, watch movies, and just sort of hang around together. Natalie was pooped!

We went to Target (it's impossible not to go when we go to my parent's house) and my mom found this hilarious puffer fish pool for Natalie. She LOVED it. We spent an hour watching her play and splash and squeal and cavort in the pool on the lawn. The weather was PERFECT!

Once she was used to the water she just sat there and played...she probably would have stayed there all day but we forgot a swim diaper and her regular diaper was seriously five pounds and needed to be removed.  Spongebob Nataliepants!

We drove home and got to Lincoln just as it was getting dark, so we had a perfect panorama of the fireworks all across was a great ending to a great holiday! (And Austin is still enjoying the leftover barbecue!)

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