Friday, July 12, 2013

Reality Checks

#1: My baby is almost ONE!

#2: I'm having ANOTHER baby, like, soon!

 trying to escape

With Natalie taking steps here and there and becoming more independent and more intelligent, it's easy to forget that she was ever a newborn. She is so SMART: she knows where I keep certain things such as the sponges under the kitchen sink, and she returns to places where she remembers having fun (like the cable box that she has figured out how to turn on and off). She knows when she's doing something I wouldn't want her to do (i.e. playing with the cords behind the lamp) and loves feeding herself and exploring new textures. Last night she was crying in her crib and I could have sworn she was saying "mama, mama" to try to get me to come in to her room. worked : )

 practicing with the spoon (she LOVES strawberries...we go through them like candy around here)

I had my 28week2day appointment today and everything was normal except at the end my doctor said, "I'll see you in a couple weeks!" I was confused until I realized I'm already at the point of having appointments closer together...that means my pregnancy is almost over...which means we will have a BABY in less than 12 weeks! What!?

 Note: my OB is FABULOUS. F A B U L O U S. Actually the whole office is great: quick appointments, ultrasound every time (for free!), nice clean and new couldn't pay me to switch. And Jenna is just awesome - I was seeing a different OB in the practice (who I didn't have a problem with) but she happened to be sick on the day I delivered Natalie, so Jenna did the honors. I promptly switched to her because she made me feel SO comfortable and normal and real and you just can't ask for more from a doctor. A new plus that I just learned about having Jenna is she sees her "repeat offenders" every three weeks (instead of every two) when it's time to bump up the appointments, until she goes to every week during the last month. This is very convenient for Natalie and me!

So, no doubt about it, Mr. Stockton is coming closer and closer! Ahhh! Exciting! Meanwhile, Natalie and I play...alllllll day : )

Natsby loves school supplies almost as much as I do
SO CUTE. and only $7!

Austin spilled the parm and didn't want to waste...

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