Sunday, July 28, 2013

Single Digits

We're into the single digits, folks! Stockton will be here in 9 weeks or less. (OR LESS, okay!?) I have this theory that Natalie didn't come early because I was a complete pile the weeks (okay, or months) leading up to her birth, but I've been so much more active this pregnancy with chasing Natalie around and not being able to lay in bed all day, so I'm not getting my hopes up but I wouldn't be surprised if I went into labor earlier. (Hint, hint baby boy!)
30 weeks 5 days
But really, only nine weeks left? That sounds like no time at all! July came and went like a tornado - I don't even know what we did all month but now it's practically over. I think the time will continue to move super fast which I'm happy about because I'm in the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy but sad about because Natalie is careening into toddler land. (Which is actually happy, too, so it's all good.)

How I'm feeling:
squished lungs
acid reflux
insatiable bladder
not sleeping well
hate anything that hugs my waist
hormonal (sorry honey)
can't bend over
wayyy better in the mornings

Wow, that makes it sound way worse than it really is - mostly I just live my normal day to day life feeling like I have a beach ball in my belly and looking forward to holding our second child. So surreal!

My wonderful husband paints my nails now that I can't reach my feet. What a babe!

And, get this:

Not only did I play tennis yesterday, I suggested it! Believe it or not, folks, it happened. I'm sure it was hilarious to watch, but I felt SO.GOOD. My body has been craving movement and exercise other than walking, and I was on such a high after we played! I would play every day if it was something we could bring Natsby to.
 I feel like one ginormous tennis ball myself, but it was such a blast! If anyone is feeling Natalie deprived, we would gladly let you watch her while we go play again : )

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