Monday, August 12, 2013

Cedar City

Every year on my mom's side of the family all girls age 8+ go to Cedar City, UT to see three plays at the Utah Shakespeare Festival and enjoy a female getaway with shopping, good food, and lots of relaxing. And Shakespeare, of course! I didn't go last year since I had just had Natalie, and I almost didn't go this year because I was afraid of leaving her/I'm big and pregnant, but I didn't know when I'd get a chance to go again since we'll have two children by next year and there will always be more going on. So, I shipped off for a week in Utah with my mom, sister, aunts and Grammy Bee.

there were 59 total girls from our extended family, but 10 in our Sanders group
 It was hard leaving Natsby. I'll leave it at that for now.

BUT the trip was fun - lots of reading time, staying up late, laughing way too loud in public and not caring, great plays (although none this year were craaaaazy amazing like they are sometimes), and walking around the quaint Main Street.
rows of cute shops "downtown"

Julie, Gbee, and me taking a break from our hard shopping
There are always productions when orders at restaurants go wrong, girls are sneaking out at 1AM to go to the gas station, the haughty festival usher orders me to prove that I deleted the illegal photo I took of the stage, and just the logistics of ten relatives not used to being constantly with each other for four days, but, as we said many times: "that's Cedar!" 

I got away with sneaking this pic - the Adams Shakespearean Theatre at intermission
 My sister and three of her cousins are all close to the same age, so they have a blast whenever they get together - they wanted us to film them jumping into the pool but Emma (a younger cousin) got tired of waiting so she just went for it and the rest was pandemonium.

"pose, girls!" notice emma on the left plotting her move
their "nest" after just one night...oy
 I'm so used to waking up around 7 at home that my body continued to wake up before everyone else, so I would walk down to the cute coffee shop and have a delicious toffee oatmeal breakfast with hot chocolate and my book for an hour or two while the others slept in. Delightful!

Until next year (or the next...or the next!)

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