Thursday, August 15, 2013

Play, Play, Play

It's already THURSDAY!? How did that happen? Time is flying by at an unbelievable rate. I feel like I can't get control of my apartment: any time I clean up one mess there are three more waiting for me. I've sort of given up for the time being - it's fun to just play and leave toys out and not put things back into the cupboards after Natalie pulls them out...but it also sort of stresses me out a little so I try not to let it get too crazy. The kitchen is consistently clean though, if anyone is keeping score.

Our typical day:


What "playing" looks like:

checking out our friend's exersaucer (trading was a great idea!)

having some private time in the corner
a bout of pouting

 pulling clothes out of the dresser (a favorite pass-time)

then spontaneous reading amidst the mess

checking out the rain this morning

Her favorite game: dump all the books off the middle shelf onto the floor and then leave and wait til Mommy cleans it up so I can do it again.

my pretty girl at the library

 pulling out the puppets and putting them back = hours of fun

 couldn't pick which one, so you get both : )
Come play with us some time!

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  1. sounds like our kind of fun :-). now that the big kids are in school, it's much easier to chill and play with the little girls on their level--so come and visit us soon!