Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Splish Splash

So, The Great Natsby has decided that she does not want to be the great Napsby anymore. We've had nap struggles the past few days and I was getting quite depressed. Going from two easy two-hour naps every day to several frustrating and ultimately failed tries and only an hour or two of actual napping made me grumpy. I think it was partly teething (her top left tooth is poking through!) and partly she's ready to transition into only one nap a day. Which is fine, but I am certainly not letting her get away with no nap - naps are my sacred Jessie-time, even if all I do is take a nap myself or waste time on facebook. It feels good to have the choice, you know? Plus once this new baby comes I think Natalie's nap will be even more crucial, for all of us.

A friend suggested a splash pad play date and I was eager to go because sun and water do wonders to tire a body out and I was desperate for Natalie to have a nap (especially because I'm into a good book - I promise I'm not selfish, but like I said: nap time is sacred.) We got there at eleven and Natalie played for an entire hour without stopping - she LOVED it. She squealed and jabbered and checked out every water pole and made sure she was involved if the bigger kids were looking at something and mostly just ambled around all over the park, having the time of her life. She had no qualms about getting wet in that freezing water; in fact, I think she played in the actual water more than most of the other kids. She sort of skirted the perimeter at first but then walked right on in.

With her arms held up and her wide stance, I think she looks like a crab when she walks haha. It cracks me up every time, and it's even better in her cute swimsuit and sandals. (Is there anything cuter than a baby in a swimsuit? Love it.)

 She surveyed the scene to make sure it was something she wanted to get involved in...

 Decided that it was worth her time and energy to at least play with the mini fountain...

 Then reevaluated the actual splash pad situation...

and decided that not only was it worth it, but the most exhilarating, curious, wonderful thing she's ever done! 

You guys: she was in heaven. She practically frolicked through the fountains and sprays and loved every minute. She would venture out to follow other kids around and play with some of the equipment, but she was always drawn back to the water. I couldn't believe how fearless she was, and how long she wanted to play. I loved watching her - it's a great feeling when you see your children doing something that makes them really happy. 

after an hour of playing in the water! she's a prune like me
enjoying refreshment and dry clothes
Sure enough, she passed out in the car on the way home and after a successful carseat extraction it looked like I was finally going to get my beautiful nap time. And then a giant bearded man with an even more giant jackhammer came and tore up my patio, waking Natalie up in a panic and making me think violent thoughts. I calmed her down and rocked her back to sleep, and then just enjoyed sitting in the glider holding my perfect little daughter with her little hands gripping my shirt and her face close to mine : ) It was definitely worth the irritating construction altercation. When I got too uncomfortable I gently moved her back into the crib (reminding me of the nervous days when I'd lay her down and wonder if she'd stay asleep) and she slept for over an hour, maxing her nap out to almost three hours total. Beautiful.

(But seriously, she is finally having a successful nap and you have to come drill outside her window right then?)

Anyway, send happy afternoon nap thoughts our way as we work on this nap transition...in the meantime, you can probably find us getting all tuckered out at the splash pad!

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