Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Return of Mrs. Puff

Last year as I got closer to Natalie's due date I started to experience uncomfortable to severe swelling, turning my already large legs into troll trunks and making me explain that yes, I do have ankles, you just can't tell. It got so bad that I couldn't even sit through all of church and the only footwear I could sort of make work were Old Navy flip flops. On one of these Sundays when we left church early my wonderful, thoughtful, caring husband decided to refer to me as "Mrs. Puff," which earned him a lecture about how I was carrying his child and did he want to go through nine months of this? But then we laughed, because that's exactly how I felt: PUFFY.

So, happy happy joy joy, we are at that point again. Yayyy. I have now pin-pointed the exact sensation that means my feet are swelling up. I haven't been able to take my rings off in ages (yup, my hands swell too), and if I wear socks or restrictive shoes, I have lines on my (obscured) ankles and feet for a long time afterwards.
33 weeks, 1 day (yesterday)
If you're thinking to yourself "wow, she looks like a pink marshmallow" then I'll have you know that I FEEL like a pink marshmallow - big, squishy, and round. Less than seven weeks people...let's goooo!

Other pregnancy symptoms lately:
-curse of the squished stomach (always hungry but can't eat too much since there's no room)
-tossy-turny nights (with intermittent pee breaks)
-minimal energy. I depend on Natalie's naps more than she does.
-frequent, violent kicking from Mr. Stockton - seems like he moves around wayyy more than Natalie did
-current food obsessions: Lucky Charms, English muffins with honey, pink lemonade Crystal Light
-it's hard to find shirts that cover my protruding belly
-^it's hard to find much of anything to wear, actually
-sciatic (sp?) nerve pain - sometimes it's so bad I can't walk after sitting or laying down for too long

At my last ultrasound Stockton had turned to a breech position which made/makes me really nervous - my doctor told me not to worry until the next appointment because there is still plenty of time for him to move around, but she gave me some stretches to do to try to encourage him to be head down. Pray for us - I don't want to go to C-section land!

You guys: we are going to have another BABY. Like, soon. Can you believe it!? We're excited and looking forward to his arrival, but still sort of in surreal shock - life is so normal as it is now, I can't imagine what adding a newborn to the mix will be like, especially since it's a boy this time. I'll be VERY grateful to get my body back and have a full range of motion again, but I feel bad complaining because most of the time I'm comfortable and this pregnancy has been even easier than my first.

I wonder how Natsby will feel about having a little brother (and getting Mommy's stomach back to normal)

I'll keep you posted!

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