Friday, August 23, 2013

Two Kids? Yiiiiikes.

Aren't we the cutest? I love hanging out with this pretty little girl. We play (and nap) together all day long!

I'm grateful for the time we are spending now, just the two of us, because in 5 weeks 4 days (OR LESS!) we will be sharing our time with Mr. Stockton. I'm especially glad that it's just Natsby and I for a little longer because I got a glimpse of what it's going to be like when we have a little baby around, and it was a little bit like a minor disaster.

We watched a five-month-old baby today for just an hour and things were going great...until Natalie woke up from her nap. Then they alternated crying (they kept setting each other off!) for the next little while until I parked Natalie on the floor with her bink and Kitty and put the baby in the swing, where she promptly fell asleep. Natalie needed fifteen minutes of snuggles (with bites of banana mixed in) to stop sniffling, but then she woke the baby up by jostling the swing and we were back at square one. The baby was happy once her mom got there, but Natalie was still upset, randomly bursting out in an irritated yell and walking around moaning. She's currently recovering in her crib, having some alone time to relax.

It was fun for me to hold a small baby again, but she's already five months so a newborn is going to be even smaller! I remembered all the fun cozies, cute noises, and little arm movements that they do when they are so little and it made me excited to experience that again. Thennn Natalie showed up and sort of ruined the party lol - she's sensitive and doesn't like to hear crying, and I bet it also bugged her a little that I was holding another baby. I guess she's going to have to get used to it, but now I'm sort of fearful over how it's going to be once we have our baby boy. I feel like I'm going to need to take patience pills or something.

(I wasn't worried until this happened because normally Natsby is very social and pleasant and loves playing with other children - I guess this baby was too small to play, and Natalie wasn't in to that. Oh dear.)

Anyway, here's what we've been up to lately:

POINTING - it's her favorite thing to do when she wakes up. We always walk into her room after she wakes up to find her pointing and babbling at and about something, especially things that are hanging on the wall.

 I forgot to write about our anniversary, but it was last week and we went on a delightful little picnic. Austin got a new putter (he's so excited about it I thought I was going to find it laying next to us in our bed), and I get to have a pedicure some time : )

...she wanted to get down and play again
WALKING: Natsby rarely crawls anymore. She LOVES walking - I think she looks like a crab when she walks because she has this wide stance and holds her arms up like she's sidling, it makes me laugh every time.

She still loves her books and will sit for longer periods of time while we read to her, and she loves ripping paper. She has two designated notebooks that she's allowed to destroy and she gets really into it. She also enjoys pulling off Daddy's prized Star Wars book collection, but she's not supposed to do that.

The weather got HOT and HUMID all of a sudden, so we pretty much stay inside unless it's breezy and we feel like venturing forth in the afternoon. Natalie loves exploring the patio.

I hear happy noises from her bedroom - looks like she has recovered and is ready to be nice again!

P.S. her hair is curly!! (it's a poor picture but the curls are definitely showing themselves more and more!)

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