Saturday, August 24, 2013

Two Thumbs UP for One Head DOWN

YES - my breech worries are over! I realize that he could still switch positions BUT I'm choosing to stay positive and am very grateful that our baby decided to move his bootie and get his act together. YESSS.

He's growing and growing, and still very much a boy. (I'm so thankful for an office that does ultrasounds at every appointment...such a luxury!) Bring on the sports and dinosaur themes!

Today I left my shoes on - no joke - all day through various errands, activities, and even just being home because it was way too much effort to bend over and take them off, only to have to bend over and put them back on. I was rewarded with solid indentations on the top of each foot from my sandals (even though they are a size bigger than I normally wear).

These days I'm pretty much just a huge pile. The clothes that a) I fit in to, b) are actually comfortable, and c) look even remotely non-grungy are far and few between, so most of the time I wear an Austin shirt and shorts combo. Looking gooooood.

I have a hard time falling asleep, and once I am asleep I toss and turn throughout the night trying to get comfortable and non-numb and figure out if I'm hot or cold. If you've never been pregnant or slept next to someone who is, you don't understand the force that is necessary to turn over - I have to gear up and practically sit on Austin as I rocket myself from laying on one side to the next. It's pathetic. I have been getting a lot of reading done, however, as I lay in bed trying to relax into sleep. Thank goodness that Natalie takes a great morning nap every day so I can too!

34 weeks 4 days
 Also, Natalie loves to put things in the trash can, pull them back out, rummage around for old things, and just anything in general to do with the trash can.

 She definitely keeps it real over at the Poulsen residence. 

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