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-_-, I got the call an hour ago.

I'm still recovering.

I didn't cry or pout or whine or freak out.

But my excitement turned to impatience and my motivation turned to idleness.


The hospital is too busy to admit me at 7:30pm as planned, so I'm on an "on-call" status until 5am.

Which means all my hopes and dreams are crushed.

K it's not that bad, but I was/am pretty disappointed. I think one of the hardest parts of pregnancy for me is the waiting, and I thought that my waiting was over because I had this 7:30 deadline. Now that it's gone, I'm back to playing my least favorite waiting game and it's pretty discouraging.

BUT - for all of my wallowing, we still will have a baby sometime tonight or tomorrow, and everyone is still healthy (if not as happy), and I'm still a week early anyway so I can't complain too much.


Earlier we had a "last supper" of sorts and went out for our final lunch as a family of t…


My mom and I have wanted to do crafts for a while so we finally set aside a Saturday to craft away. We originally planned on doing some other things, but randomly I searched for "button crafts" and was enchanted with all the fun and juicy ideas! We chose a couple of our favorites and I went to Hobby Lobby with Natalie to do some pre-shopping. When I came home with the supplies Austin and I couldn't resist starting a project, so once Natalie was down we got to work and had a ball!

So originally we just wanted to do a cool button tree, but when we didn't have the colors that looked like the picture we googled Austin had the great idea to do different trees for each season. So far we've done winter and fall, and probably won't venture into spring and summer until, well, spring and summer. My mom did a year-round autumn-themed tree because it matches the colors of her house.

We had a great time painting, sketching, placing, and gluing. I think it was especially f…

Baby Day!

I feel like I've been ready for this day for the past two weeks but now that it's here I keep thinking of things I haven't done yet and I'm sort of panicking! I'm sure it's just nerves though; every important thing is done and everything else can wait. The floor is swept, carpets vacuumed, bathrooms cleaned, kitchen stocked, and hopefully things are organized and tidy. I am not done with the nursery (I've always wanted to call the childrens' bedroom that but I feel a little silly for some reason) yet but I'm as done as I'm going to be for a while...these pictures aren't perfect but they sort of get the point across.

Yesterday Natalie helped me go shopping. She's a good helper!

As I try to wrap up things around home today I still sort of can't believe that we are having a BABY tonight. I'm nervous! I haven't felt anything except excitement and impatience, but now my nerves are kicking in, the good kind, the major life event ty…

(almost) 14 months!

I figured I'd do this post now instead of on October 1st so that I don't miss it - I'm pretty sure that other than becoming a big sister nothing major will change within a week, so it should be pretty accurate.

Cute things Natalie has been doing lately:

-pretending her crib is a trampoline
-climbing into her "throne" and reading to herself
-pointing to everything still; this week she started waving regularly too
-adding "woof woof" and "puff puff" (mimicking a steam engine) to her repertoire of sounds
-learning and correctly identifying new objects daily, such as temple, shoes, ball, juice, banana, and baby
-loving all the "adult" food she can get - spaghetti is a new fave

One day Natalie figured out that the couch cushion can come off and demanded that it be removed immediately. She loves crawling up onto the shorter ledge and getting cozy there with her stack of books always close by. It is so sweet to see what she does independent…

Only Child (no more)

Only one more day as an only child for our dear Natsby! She's been extra cute lately, but also extra clingy I think. Her little spirit is picking up on the vibes that change is around the corner and she's been requesting lots of hugs and cozies and loves, which we are more than happy to give. One of the reasons I was nervous about having children so close together is that our time with just Natalie was only a little over a year - I've loved devoting all of my attention to her and I'm sure she's been more than happy with that arrangement, so I think one of the biggest challenges of having another baby will be making sure they she still gets enough attention.

We spent Sunday afternoon in Papillion and it was a beautiful clear day so Natalie took advantage of the big backyard and played for a long time, frolicking back and forth in the grass.

She's just so happy and curious and lovely - I adore her personality.

I think she is going to love having a brother *eventu…

Things I Love

watching Natalie walk all over the place

spending time with my great husband

having a friend from high school come visit and talk and play together with our girls

the fact that I am almost not pregnant any more

and, of course, that we get to meet our baby boy any day!

the smell of our new target brand lilac laundry detergent

that Natalie's favorite toys are books, hands down

listening to my favorite classical music when it's been a while (there's nothing better for the soul)

cozy cotton baby blankets

yoga pants

the crisp fall air

Life is good : )

Last Days of Summer

With football season in full swing it's been hinting at fall for a little while, but the past few days have solidified it with a gloriously autumnal feel to the air. I LOVE FALL SO MUCH. It's my favorite season for many reasons - hot chocolate, crisp air, crunchy leaves, pretty colors, hoodies, my birthday, Halloween, and just the general cozy feel. We've spent the last hot days of the year (hopefully!) playing and keeping busy.

We went on a family IHOP date Saturday morning since we were all up and ready before 7 - I sort of judged myself for going there but everything was DELICIOUS. Natalie agreed.

Another plus to fall: a new type of wardrobe! We couldn't resist whipping out Natsby's first pair of overalls. It brings me back to my childhood - I think at least half of my elementary school pics feature overalls. I wish they were still acceptable attire for adults.

Now that Natalie walks and it's not 1000 degrees outside, we've been venturing out to the park…