Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Baby Day!

I feel like I've been ready for this day for the past two weeks but now that it's here I keep thinking of things I haven't done yet and I'm sort of panicking! I'm sure it's just nerves though; every important thing is done and everything else can wait. The floor is swept, carpets vacuumed, bathrooms cleaned, kitchen stocked, and hopefully things are organized and tidy. I am not done with the nursery (I've always wanted to call the childrens' bedroom that but I feel a little silly for some reason) yet but I'm as done as I'm going to be for a while...these pictures aren't perfect but they sort of get the point across.

we believe in mismatched...everything, I guess
Natalie on the left, Stockton on the space unused
the dresser had to be scooted over because Natsby kept rummaging during her nap sense of symmetry is very disrupted haha
Yesterday Natalie helped me go shopping. She's a good helper!

we found this...SICK and WRONG, people
As I try to wrap up things around home today I still sort of can't believe that we are having a BABY tonight. I'm nervous! I haven't felt anything except excitement and impatience, but now my nerves are kicking in, the good kind, the major life event type jitters instead of the uh oh nerves, you know? Kind of feels like I'm about to perform in a piano competition again - I'm ready, but I want to do a good job and make sure everything goes well. I'm not nervous about the induction, I have faith that it will go even better than last time, but holy cow we are going to have another child! Big deal. It's making my heart race thinking about it. It's surreal that we are going to the hospital tonight - we've waited for so long and it feels like I've been pregnant for two years (I kind of have been lol). It was much less depressing to go to sleep last night knowing that it was my last night of pregnant sleep doom for a while - I realize that newborn sleep doom is the trade-off, but it's worth it!
soon little boy shoes will join the lineup

I'm grateful for my fabulous husband and father to my children!
I guess I should probably get off the computer and go to something productive, like pack our hospital bag haha, so wish us luck! Stockton will be here in less than 24 hours!!!

(I just had a thought - what if it isn't a boy afterall!? Not going to worry about that...)

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