Wednesday, September 25, 2013


My mom and I have wanted to do crafts for a while so we finally set aside a Saturday to craft away. We originally planned on doing some other things, but randomly I searched for "button crafts" and was enchanted with all the fun and juicy ideas! We chose a couple of our favorites and I went to Hobby Lobby with Natalie to do some pre-shopping. When I came home with the supplies Austin and I couldn't resist starting a project, so once Natalie was down we got to work and had a ball!

So originally we just wanted to do a cool button tree, but when we didn't have the colors that looked like the picture we googled Austin had the great idea to do different trees for each season. So far we've done winter and fall, and probably won't venture into spring and summer until, well, spring and summer. My mom did a year-round autumn-themed tree because it matches the colors of her house.

Natsby walked off with the buttons that will eventually spell "fall" haha
We had a great time painting, sketching, placing, and gluing. I think it was especially fun since we probably won't have a chance or energy to craft again for a long time.

Since Austin did Stockton's name for his project, I wanted to do something for Natalie. Here's the final product!

I'll do a post tomorrow about the nursery - we rearranged the room to fit two cribs and look more put together, and I'm happy with the result.

Please share any fun crafts you've done or seen lately - I want to compile more potential ideas, even if I won't be using them for a while : )

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