Tuesday, September 3, 2013


My family used to go camping every Labor Day and it was SO MUCH FUN...we haven't done it since we moved to Nebraska and I've been itching to renew the tradition. Unfortunately, camping is more difficult with a baby and a pregnant belly (and I've pretty much had one or the other or both for the last two years) so we sort of put the project on hold. NEVERTHELESS: we decided to camp anyway...in our living room!

We put Natalie to bed and then pushed the couch back and set up the tent, complete with sleeping pads, bags, and pillows. Austin had to try it out. Notice the carpet/rug unevenness...we decided it would be more authentic if the ground wasn't completely flat. We're all about authentic. Austin even had an app on his ipad that played night sounds of crickets, etc. Classic.

We turned off the lights and I set up a camp chair, ha! Austin "made" a fire and I "warmed" myself by its happy glow.

Then we made s'mores and the fire really kicked up.

our mallows tasted like lavender and apple cinnamon instead of campfire
Austin said that it wasn't completely authentic because the pioneers wouldn't have had pre-packaged jet-puffed marshmallows, and I said that was ridiculous because the pioneers had no idea what the beep a marshmallow was anyway.
creepy but delicious (check out that roaring "fire!")

We played cards, another authentic camping activity, and wished we hadn't eaten so many s'mores.

Then we were both pretty tired even though it wasn't very late, but true to real camping you typically go to bed pretty soon after dark so we climbed into our tent and got cozy with the sleeping bags and laughed at our silliness until we fell asleep. (And didn't brush our teeth...we're camping, after all!)

Natalie woke up crying (her poor gums) and after she went back to sleep Austin and I were both sort of awake, so we decided to retire to the bedroom, enjoy sleeping on our new creakless box spring (we're still used to sitting down so gingerly) and be more available to get up and help Natalie if she needed it.

In the morning Natalie was fascinated by the contraption in the living room. She kept rolling around on the sleeping bags and backing herself up to be flush with the edges. (What is it about tents that make you want to roll/lounge all over?) She thought it was so funny to mash her face up against the nylon - she was very intrigued by the unusual material.

And that was our Labor Day "Campout!" One day we'll actually go camping again, but this was a fun alternative : )

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